Sin City Presents Magazine May 2016 Volume 3 Issue 5 - Page 46


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Some of the cast of Raiding the Rock Vault showed up last night to support their comrade, Andrew Freeman and Last in Line!!! What a KICK ASS show!!! Had a GREAT night! Good to see all the guys!!!

Photo by: Photography of Leah Burlington

So THIS just happened!!! Father Zakk Wylde up CLOSE AND personal!!! Cell phone pic edited with Snapseed!!! ‪#‎BOOM‬!! Thank YOU Leilani Matt!!! \m/

Yngwie Malmsteen flipping ripping shit up!!! \mXm/

Angelo Arcuri did the sound tonight like he used to with Dio back in the day. Love this guy! \m/ — at Count's Vamp'd.

Last in Line are KILLING it right now!!!! Go Andrew!!! \m/