Sin City Presents Magazine May 2016 Volume 3 Issue 5 - Page 45

Stryper @The Cannery North 4-23-16

by: Leah Burlington

Stryper is one of those bands from the 80’s that has gotten better with age and experience over the years. They were huge back in the day and they are still going strong with an immense fan base that follows their every move. They released two amazing albums in the last few years, “No More Hell to Pay” and “Fallen”, which have become big fave’s in my CD collection. Most people are very into their Christian message, but for me it’s the magic of the musical abilities of the two main cats that go perfect together. That would be Michael Sweet, Vocals-guitars and Oz Fox-back-round Vocals and guitars. These two talented men, when they play together, have a magical balance of harmonies and melodies on guitars as well on vocals, which seem to be angelic in nature. These days there is really not many bands that can pull off these chorus’ and screams like Sweet and Fox can. Michael still has an incredible range that has just got better with age instead of lacking. This band still has their chops and as a live band, can’t be beat. Robert Sweet-drums and Tim Gaines-bass, hold the beat and rhythm with strength and fierceness. The message is also brought across with purity and love, which even as an unbeliever, I can still feel. I always come away with a sense of well being and lightness. So it even works on me.

Stryper played at The Cannery Hotel and Casino this night as an opener for Skid Row. The Skid’s are on their 4th singer to date, who is ZP from the band Dragonforce and the guy is an incredible singer. But I was there for the “Yellow and Black Attack’, so this review is just for and about them.

I get there and get to chat with some of their die-hard fans that went to the Meet & Greet, being Ken and Michelle Schwab, two really amazing people, who were kind enough to allow me to hang up front with them. They said the band was really personable at the Greet and posed for photo’s and signed stuff for the fans without being behind a table, which is a pet peeve of mine. If you pay for a Meet & Greet, you should be able to have a few minutes of actual time with your hero’s and not be rushed through like cattle. Stryper is good to their beloved fans. This was good to hear!

Stryper comes out on the first song with their epic song off the new CD “Fallen”, “Yahweh”, and they are just as epic as the song is!!! They rocked the song “God” and then “Come on and Rock,” then they started to play some of my older faves like “All for One” and “In God We Trust.” I noticed that most the people were staying at their seats, all well behaved and I was just standing there thinking to myself, this is still a heavy metal concert right? Why are people not really getting into the music?? So I just shrugged it off as they went into a new song, “No More Hell to Pay”, I was so ready to rock! They sang their hearts out on “King of Kings” as we all sang the chorus.

When Michael started singing the chorus of “Soldiers Under Command”, Sweet’s stage banter was stopped before the song could really get started, due to some jerk that decided to double flip him off when he was trying to get some audience participation. Sweet dealt with the man with class and humor, saying that he must have something wrong with his two middle fingers, better get to the doctor to get them checked out right away. When the guy stopped and must have gave him the thumbs up, so he basically said, “They are fine, you’ve been healed brother, Jesus healed you,” then they went into the song and tore it up!

They ended the short set with a Stryper medley of “Calling on You/Free/ To Hell With the Devil”, in which I was rocking hard during “To Hell With the Devil”, I was head banging like a mad woman. I looked around at one point and I was the only one doing that, but I just kept going. Not a care in the world. They rocked a very short 45 minute set, which to me wasn’t fair as these guys should be playing a full set. I enjoyed it reguardless, every song and every moment. I had such a blast, been waiting a very long time to see them live again.

If you ever get a chance to see Stryper live, do it!!! One of the best live rock concerts ever!

stryper @ The Cannery las vegas, nv