Sin City Presents Magazine May 2016 Volume 3 Issue 5 - Page 38


Today's Daily Demon comes to you from Dallas TX.

When someone buys a stage-played Gene Simmons Bass, it's always a little dicey, because you have to have the buyers backstage at THE most critical and dangerous time of the night.

You've got local crew in a frenzy breaking down hundreds of tons of steel, tractor trailers and forklifts buzzing around like gnats, and The Demon, who's just worked a 10hr day, played a 90min set, on a 110 degree stage, and here he is, overheating in 80lbs of armor, and the only thing standing between him and a nice hot shower, is us and our group.

As such, in an effort to respect his time, we try to streamline things as much as humanly possible, so I create a cue-card, that says EXACTLY what the buyer wants written on the bass, in large, legible letters, spell-checked and ready to go, so that he can do his thing without any fumbling around.

Last night, he is reading the cue card, and transcribing it word for word on the bass with his favorite paint marker, and things are going perfectly.

Suddenly, the marker sludges through some stage blood that was spattered across the front of the bass, and STOPS WRITING....UH OH!!!!

The stalled Demon is agitated, he throws it across the room, and asks, "Do you have another one of those???".

But...we are 2 weeks into this tour, and I learn from my mistakes.

So, in a split second, I quickly grab another from my breast pocket, where I have 6 extras stashed for just such an emergency. (I had no extras in LA, and learned this lesson the hard way!)

"Absolutely" I say, biting the cap off with my teeth, and placing the fresh marker in his catcher's mitt of a hand, without skipping a beat!

The Demon seamlessly continues writing the words on my cue card, and it feels like we are a well oiled machine.

And just for a moment....I mentally pat myself on the back.

He gets to the end of the lengthy cue card, ending with 7-13-2014, and taking the bull by the horns, I call out..... "OK people, The Demon has to go, any parting words?"

(Yeah, I got this!!)

Then, time stands still......

The battered, sweaty, war-torn Demon turns to me and looks me dead in the eye.....and the room goes silent.....

He speaks.....

"Um.....If it's okay with you.......I was kind of thinking it might be cool if I signed it as well?

You know, maybe scribble "Gene Simmons" across the bottom?


Would that be okay with you??"

I hang my head, and say, "I’ll just go fuck myself”

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Christina, shaking her head in disbelief of my most recent idiocy. :(

Another day, another life lesson from Gene Simmons.

If I survive this tour, I will most assuredly be a wiser man for it.