Sin City Presents Magazine May 2016 Volume 3 Issue 5 - Page 28

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As if touring with MEAT LOAF, performing with Raiding the Rock Vault, and rocking stages all around Sin City isn’t enough to keep Cian busy she’s also currently recording tracks for a new rock and roll apparel company DevilStar.

WOW Cian you’ve had an amazing career already and you have so much going on! Just a couple of questions and I promise we’ll be done. Can you tell us a little bit about how BRAZEN got started?

“Brazen actually started as Jayed ...In 2010, I met Merry Adin when she came out one night to a gig I was singing at with another cover band, and she said she was looking for a new singer for her band, and she invited me to audition. That's how I got the gig. After a couple lineup changes, we eventually changed the name from Jayed to Brazen. We've still had A few more lineup changes… And now we have the group we have now with me, Merry, Doc Ellis, Danny Robert and Brenda Fitz”.

That’s so cool we LOVE Merry Adin she’s a beast! BRAZEN is absolute badassery on stage too! Seriously what an incredible line up!!

You also perform with Rock This Town tell us a little bit more about that project.

“I was singing with Rock This Town every week starting in 2014. They rotate female singers throughout the week, but I was consistently singing with them then. At the moment, I'm a sub and I sit in with them when I have a free day and they can use me. I absolutely love that band and all of those guys are fantastic players and people. They play mostly rock and country, but they play pop and disco as well. They take requests from the audience… it's rare that they can't get through at least part of a song if a request is thrown on the spot. ...Harry Shahoian, who runs the band, also performs as Elvis in the show "Legends". He usually comes up at the Rock This Town gigs and adds several Elvis tunes. Other entertainers in town often swing by and sit in as well. It's really a great hang. The regular guys in the band are Donnie Castleman (Bass/Vocals), Dino Marino (Drums), Joe Quinlan (Guitar, Vocals) and Joe Spraker (Keys, Vocals).”

Sounds like a blast! There are so many hidden treasures in Downtown Las Vegas. I had no idea there was this kind of show going on six nights a week.

Do you have any advice or words of wisdom to share with up and coming artists?

“There are a lot of things I could say. ....There are a lot of things that I only learned after having to go through them in this business. I'm still learning things all the time. ... One thing that I think is helpful is to always work hard and always be someone that is easy to work with. I've seen some really talented people out there lose gigs because of their behavior "behind the scenes." I think as celebrity increases, people tend to have more tolerance for that kind of stuff. But, for the average person trying to make it in this business, I think it really helps to be someone who can work well with others and also do your job well. Always remember that there is probably a long line of people who would love to jump in and take your gig.”

Thank you so much for taking time out to share with us Cian! Your story is incredible! I do believe that congratulations are also in order on your upcoming nuptials with Doc Ellis who currently performs with RATT as well. I have no idea where you are going to find time to plan a wedding! Best wishes to you both from all of us here at Sin City Presents Magazine.

“Yes, thank you, between both of our schedules planning a wedding will definitely be a fun and exciting challenge but so worth it, I'm so grateful that he came into my life!”

To keep up with Cian and for information on upcoming shows and appearances follow her on Facebook and remember also to follow BRAZEN and Rock This Town as well. If you haven’t seen the HIT show Raiding the Rock Vault STOP what you’re doing RIGHT NOW and purchase your tickets online!! You will not be disappointed!

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