Sin City Presents Magazine May 2016 Volume 3 Issue 5 - Page 22

Sin City shredder


This month’s Sin City Shredder is the beautiful Susan Davis from ROCKIT! If you think you can only shred on guitar then you haven’t seen this axe-wielding femme fatal shred the keys. #BOOM DOUBLE SHREDD! Strangely enough I was surprised to see that there were no female shredders on her list of influencers which includes Jimi Hendrix, Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen, Greg Koch and Brad Gillis

Originally from Appleton, WI, Susan started her musical studies at the age of four beginning with classical piano, moving to the violin by the age of nine and by the age of fourteen she put that formal training to use and taught herself how to play the guitar. Not having one of her at the time she would secretly steal her brother’s guitar from his closet to practice.

Following her college years at Indiana State University where she studied music business she returned to her Midwestern home of Wisconsin and began playing with a local bands, Tate Rooper and Wisconsin’s WAMMI Award winning band, Sonic Circus.

Shy this girl is not! She wasted no time setting up roots on Fremont Street with the Arena Tribute shortly after her arrival in Sin City in 2009. New to our city she seen Arena playing downtown and introduced herself to their guitarist, Michael Christian and asked for an audition. Her tenacity paid off in dividends! She began subbing for them and joined the band full time just a few short months later playing music from all our 80’s favorites for standing room only crowds from around the world. In 2015 Las Vegas and fans from all over would see the end of an era as the Arena Tribute said farewell to Fremont Street.

SHREDD she must so it wasn’t long before she joined forces with Gary Dilger (Bass), Peter Kizzire (Drums), Danny Wilde (Vocals) and Johnny ROXX (Guitar) to form ROCKIT who now fills Freemont Street with the familiar sounds of the 80’s. You know the ones I’m talking about, the songs we know every word too, and the songs we grew up with. If you haven’t seen ROCKIT yet you can catch them on the Freemont Street Experience on most weekends.

For Susan it was an easy transition from the Arena Tribute to ROCKIT and seeing the familiar faces of the Arena fans out there in the crowd is a true testament to those who love to rock in Las Vegas.

“I swear we have the craziest and greatest fans in the world. They treat us like royalty and many of them have become our friends. With Arena Tribute and ROCKIT both, our fans have always been our first priority,” Susan tells us.

Her musical voyage so far has allowed her to share the stage with some of greatest names in music from 80’s staples such as Journey, Styx, REO Speedwagon, Asia, and Loverboy, and legends Eric Clapton, Roger Daultry, Vince Neil, Kansas, KISS, and too many more to name them all!

Susan’s advice for up and coming artists is “always stay humble! There is always someone out there better than you. I try to stay focused on... why I began playing music in the first place and why I started playing on stage. I know how music makes me feel and if we as musicians can pass that onto our fans then my job is done. The Las Vegas music scene is very competitive but the more we as musicians work together and support each other, the more opportunities everyone will have. Always support your fellow local musicians!”

To keep up with Susan for future appearances and show dates follow her and ROCKIT on Facebook

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