Sin City Presents Magazine May 2016 Volume 3 Issue 5 - Page 14

k caruso #Guitarporn with travis shredd


Travis Shredd and the Good Ol' Homeboys mash the musical styles of Country, Metal, and Rap, and in doing so they are constantly surprising their audiences with whipsaw transitions and head-spinning diversity. The band's devoted fans across the country confirm that one style of music per song is simply not enough for today's discerning listener. Radio airplay from rock, country, R&B, college, and alternative stations further demonstrates that there's something for everybody in each adrenaline-infused song. With often hysterical and sometimes autobiographical lyrics, you'll find yourself identifying with Travis' questionable life choices and harrowing experiences. CD titles like "Headbanger's Squaredance," "668: The Neighbor of the Beast," and "Nashville Drive-By," assure you that you're in for a wild ride!

K: Let’s all say howdy to Mr. Travis Shredd.

TS: Howdy kids.

K: So, let us dig right in. You have two different live rigs? Is one the wife and the other the mistress?

TS: That’s a great way to put it… Yes, one is based on an Engl Raider 100, and one on a Tone King Imperial. And when I say, “based on,” I mean those are pretty much the whole rig. I’ve never been much of a pedal guy, so my setup is mostly the amp.

K: The Tone King - That’s what the cowpokes call a “boutique” amp, correct?

TS: Yes, absolutely, and I’d never had one of those snobby amps before. I always said, “If a humble Marshall and a humble Fender is good enough for Jeff Beck…”

K: Right? No bells, whistles or steak sauce.

TS: Exactly. So, the Tone King Imperial is a blend of adorable girl next door and porn star. I mean, look at it. You can’t NOT be full of lust, with that retro two-tone, turquoise and white, come-hither look. 20 watts, powered by two 6V6 tubes, and a mere two 12AX7 tubes in the pre. And hand-wired, point-to-point goodness. 12 inch Celestion creamback. The clean channel is very backface Deluxe. Chimey and luscious and oh-em-gee, the natural compression. I’ve almost always used a compressor for clean tone, and with this amp you just don’t need it.