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"Is it Cool if I Post This?"

4 Ways to Make the Internet a Better Place

The internet age has afforded us a way to quench our growing thirst for diverse and immediate information, but what was initially intended as a tool to bring us all together, ironically, more often than not, ends up tearing us apart. We can do better, so, in reference to social media, here's a few quick tips that may help.

Recognize Click Bait

In this digital landscape of manipulated outrage and fake news, the media has given you a false impression that there are others on the web who actually care what you think. Here's a clue and I know this is difficult to hear- they don't. In fact, nobody does. Outside of a close circle of family/friends (which I honestly hope you have), to talk to in person, nobody gives a rat's ass about your opinion.

Even if the caption of a "news" article outright asks you, "what do YOU think" and again, I know the truth hurts, but, they don't really want to know. They're trying to get you to click on this to attract more hits on a website with advertisements on it. That's why it's called, "click bait" and nothing baits people faster and in larger numbers than outrage. It's a sad fact that negativity sells way more than anything positive. The media has learned to weaponize that with intentionally divisive subject matter. Don’t fall for it! No matter how enraging, ignore it and (hopefully) it will go away.

Quit Being So Negative

Before you fire off what you believe is a "witty" statement representing your unique viewpoint, first, ask yourself these questions; What is the point of this comment? Is it helpful or hurtful? Are you just putting negativity out there? Are you just bitter about your own failures as an individual because your wife left you for that overachiever Gary from her office, so now you can only express yourself by writing angry comments on YouTube clips at 2am? Ok, that last one was a little specific, but here's what I mean:

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all- I learned that in 3rd grade, but, going by most comment sections, many of us either didn't learn it, or chose to forget it. But wait! You're an American! You're free to express your opinion however you want!

Yes, that's true but, just because you have a right to your opinion, doesn’t mean your opinion is right or that anybody needs to hear it. It’s just that- an opinion. This is even more apparent when dealing with subjective topics like art, music, movies TV, Etc… which is all dependent on individual taste, so what you’re expressing aren’t FACTS, they’re just your perspective of things. We all like to think of ourselves as modern-day philosophers, but a comment like, "This sucks” isn’t an absolute truth, it’s the desperate battle cry of the inarticulate and it also serves no purpose.

Ask Permission

I don’t know about you, but, if I take a selfie with a friend, I will show that person the pic, then ask, "Is it cool if I post this?" That's me, extending a simple, common courtesy to a fellow human being. You'd be surprised how many people don’t think to do that.

See, I believe it's up to us to pick and choose what we share or don’t share with the world via our social media. It's not up to anyone BUT us. That's an individual right we have, therefore, when I ask for permission from my friend, they are granting me that right. Simple enough?

Now, bless their hearts, most people are blissfully unaware this concept even exists and they're not doing it on purpose, so I forgive them, but I do get tired of having to explain it. I'm also weary of making excuses for their lack of consideration by saying, "Oh, I’m kinda weird about that..."

No, I’m not weird. You're being rude. Stop it.

I’m not talking about when I’m performing. Obviously, that's a public display so I wave my rights. Do whatever you want with my image, but, if we're hanging out in private, just check with me first before sharing my face and/or location with the general public. Is that so hard?

Ditch the Politics

The component I think a lot of people are missing with social media is the "social" aspect. I think of it like an internet party. What do you do at parties? Play music, tell jokes? Keep it light? I hope so. If your answer is, angrily shout about your political views and insult everyone, then you probably don’t get invited to too many parties. When it comes to political posts, you're either preaching to the choir or falling on deaf ears. People are set in their ways. You're not changing anyone's mind. You can't tell me the point is to have a healthy discussion, because most people I know who express their strong opinions on these subjects only end up deleting/unfollowing the friends who challenge or disagree with them, so there IS no point!

In conclusion.... you know what? Do whatever you want. You're not going to listen to me anyway. There's no point to any of this. Just don't leave any negative comments or you're not invited to my party.


Sweet Pete Brown is a singer, writer and amateur astronomer currently living in Las Vegas. Singer for The Benders and Sweet Pete Brown and the Natural Facts.

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