Sin City Presents Magazine March 2019 Volume 6 Issue 3 - Page 36



Interrview & Photos by;

Charlene Zezulka

December 26th , 2018

Beauty Bar, Las Vegas

Dying To Live

Interview with Eric Holmes

Before I get started, I want to send a shout out and thank you to Solomon Dilger of Hidden Scars for introducing me to Eric Holmes and Dying To Live. It’s great seeing musician support each other, it’s what makes our scene thrive.

Yes, Solomon is a great friend and supporter, he's definitely been my "go-to " guy for information on the music scene here. I met him through another friend of ours that I've known even longer, it’s great to have a friend as passionate about music and video games as. much as I am hahahahaha.

Eric Holmes, lead singer of Dying To Live was kind enough to take time out and talk with me about his band.

Tell me Eric, how did Dying To Live start out?

"Well my brother Evan plays drums and I have always wanted to start a band together and when we met Logan who plays bass when he first moved here from New Mexico we all started jamming together almost immediately. I guess that’s the best way to explain our formation haha."

How would you best describe your music?

I have always considered us to be Metal/Punk, in your face and all over the place. A diverse and unique sound, pure energy unlike any other. The band is influenced by so many different styles and types of bands, it would take up too much space and time listing them all here. I can say that we are heavily influenced by the wonders of the unknown and the endless possibilities life has to offer.

How long have you been playing together?

The band has been around since 2014, but we took a hiatus 2016-2018, we had just got out of hiatus back in July 2018. I see the band going in every direction towards success with nothing to lose and everything to gain I can easily say that we will be making our names with a huge statement. The stage will always be the place we want to be.

What’s the meaning behind the band’s name?

Dying to Live is a name I am very passionate about. I strive to do all that I can because I am not here on this earth Living to Die. Nobody is born with a purpose, you must give yourself that purpose and I have created mine with this band. Dying to Live is a statement and a way of life for me.

What are your plans for 2019?

We want to get our name out there as much as we can, and the best way to do that is with an EP so hopefully you'll see us in the studio sometime this year. Another goal of ours is to play KOMPs homegrown show, I feel like that would open so many doors to so much more possibilities for us. I also would like to add, that Logan and Evan are the most musically inclined and most talented people I know.

Thank you so much for taking some time out with me Eric, we’ll be watching for big things to come from Dying To Live!