Sin City Presents Magazine March 2019 Volume 6 Issue 3 - Page 34

AV Vegas

Malaa: Illegal Tour 2018

Photo Credit: Photography of Leah Burlington

AV Vegas is thrilled to share another Ravealation Event with you! RVLTN is on fire in Las Vegas and RAVE is ravaging hots spots and secret hideaways in Sin City. Today we’re talking about Malaa Music. Malaa’s music takes you on a wild ride with his Illegal Tour and AV Vegas provides the audio, lighting, staging and DJ gear resources to make it happen.

For the audio Malaa requires audio that can deliver quality range and depth. His earlier releases have a light airy feel while his newer sound carries some very heavy bass.

We chose the JBL VTX V20’s; JBL VTX G28’s, S25 subs; all powered by Crown Amps; Audio Console: Yamaha QL1.

To light up this warehouse venue for Malaa we chose the Clay Paky Sharpies, Martin Atomic 3K’s; LED Pars; Road GrandMa2 Lighting console

DJ Gear selected for Malaa included the Pioneer Nexus2 DJM Mixers, Pioneer Nexus2 CDJ’s.

Photo from Ravealation/MalaaMusic: Illegal Tour 2019. .

Merc Photography @ Las Vegas, Nevada

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Audio, Lighting, Staging, and DJ gear resources for Malaa: Illegal Tour 2018, Sahara Event Center, Warehouse D — Las Vegas, NV, December 14th, 2018


Source: Clark County Fire Department



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