Sin City Presents Magazine March 2019 Volume 6 Issue 3 - Page 30

More with Steve Grimmett

I do for the fans. It drove me mad that I just didn’t have more time than that, but that was the driving force that kept me going. Once I had my prosthetic leg that’s when the hard work started… but 6 months later I was back up there doing what I do best.

CV: January marked two years since you overcame seemingly impossible odds. Again, your story is an inspiration to anyone who faces a challenge of any magnitude. Have you always been a positive thinker? Do you believe anything is possible if you believe?

SG: I have to say that I haven’t been like that at all. I looked at it like I’ve been given a task… so I had to do it…and knowing that I would get back on stage… and I do agree that if you believe in yourself you can do anything.

CV: Were you surprised at the world-wide support you received during that time?

SG: The support was unreal from the start…and I was going to say to the finish but, it’s not finished. We were doing a singing session on the 70,000 Tons ship and a couple gave me money to help me to keep doing the recovery thing. It bought a tear to my eyes…my fans are very special to me.

CV: If asked, what are some words of wisdom you would pass on to a young band just starting out?

SG: There are…you will meet every obstacle along the way. Some will be heart breaking, others will change the way you look at things. But in the words of the great Sir Winston Churchill, “Never, Never, Never give in.”

CV: What would you say is the biggest difference between the Grim Reaper of the 80's and Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper of today?

SG: Yes there are… the main one is that we get to play all over the world. Back in the day we only played in the States, now we travel to all the corners of the world.

CV: Will the band be returning to America for any shows in 2019?

SG: We are talking to our booking agent in the States at the moment…we are planning to be there August to middle of September.

CV: What’s next for you?

SG: We are still recording our next album “At the Gates” and that will be released in June

CV: Thank you again Steve for spending some time talking and sharing with our readers. It has been an honor. I wish you all the best and continued success.

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Written by Mick Michaels