Sin City Presents Magazine March 2019 Volume 6 Issue 3 - Page 29

SG: No there are none I’m afraid…we didn’t get that far. The legal stuff hit us while we were writing that album and we just lost faith. A shame really, but I got involved with another band called Onslaught… after sending messages to management and the record company, I had no response and Onslaught were keen to get on with things so the inevitable happened.

CV: What do you think of today's heavy divisions and sub-divisions within the Metal genre? At times, fans seem to be more at odds on what is considered Metal and what is not because of such splintering. Are all the divisions really necessary in your opinion? And has such divisions divided Metal to a point of no return?


SG: It used to bug me…but now I think the fans know what they want and I leave that in their capable hands.

CV: Many of your contemporaries are or have experienced issues with their ability to sing their songs. However, you are to the contrary. Your iconic voice has stood the test of time and continues to amaze and rock fans. What's your secret? How do you keep your voice belting out the blazing Metal?

SG: Yes that’s a shame…that must be very frustrating. I have no secret, no special things I do…I don’t even warm up before a gig. I think it’s a God given talent but I also don’t abuse it. I don’t smoke; drink very little… so I’m guessing that may be part of it.

CV: What are your thoughts on bands today using backing tracks for both music and vocal performances?

SG: I have heard it but I don’t like it. My belief is to give the fans what they paid for…it’s a form of cheating in my book…if you can’t do it for real don’t do it.

CV: Is there someone who you would like to do an album with or even a duet?

SG: There is a few that spring to mind…but not many people know that the reason I sing is Elton John…I would love to do a duet with him one day


CV: In recent years, your personal story has become not only an inspiration, but of legend. After losing part of your leg you fired back on all cylinders. What gave you such strength?

SG: I say this to our audiences; I laid in a hospital bed for 7 weeks with no entertainment at all and just half an hour internet per day… so half that time I spent in rotors talking to my family, and the other 15 minutes a day looking at how the hell I could get back up on that stage to do what