Sin City Presents Magazine March 2019 Volume 6 Issue 3 - Page 27

Mountain, Leslie West, Fuel), and some classic covers I've re-worked to sound like they were my songs. Playing-wise there is a lot of showing off between all three instruments, but in a fun way not a pompous way. Stage presence-wise. If you've seen me onstage with any other band then you know I'm pretty active all over the stage. The only real difference doing my own shows is that I'm stuck in one place a little more than normal due to fact that I'm the lead singer. But trust me, I'm still very very crazy and active onstage. Madman Bassist!

As for playing shows and touring, I have been doing shows in the Oklahoma area since its release using a different lineup, and I plan to do more areas throughout the year when I'm not touring with my other bands. I'm also talking to a few agents about some support gigs and festivals. The problem with the album lineup is I'm in Oklahoma, Jeff Martin is in Lake Tahoe, and Jim Dofka is in West Virginia, so unless a tour was offered or some money appeared, it would be very hard to come together for shows. But I will say my current lineup (Kerry Staton on drums and Will Galbraith on guitar) definitely plays these songs very well.

Metal Babe: What final words would you like to say to our readers?

Rev Jones: Please give “Bakwash” a listen. If you dig it, buy a copy or add it to your streaming playlists, and please tell others. I'd like to hear your feedback on the songs/playing/singing (good or bad), so either:

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Metal Babe: Thank you Rev Jones! It’s been a pleasure! I hope to see you in LA at some point!

Rev Jones: Thanks for having me and thanks for helping spread the word “Bakwash”…

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