Sin City Presents Magazine March 2019 Volume 6 Issue 3 - Page 25

shows when I'm not on tour as Rev Jones Band since around 2006, playing songs from bands I've toured with (MSG, Steelheart, Mountain, Leslie West, Fuel) along with some cool cover songs. A couple years ago I decided to add some of my songs I never released and some new ones to the Rev Jones show. I recorded some demos of the songs so my band members could learn them. I just played all the instruments except the guitar solos, I wanted Jim Dofka to do those. When I sent him a demo with three songs to play solos on, I told him that I was just gonna give the songs away free on my website. Well he heard something in the songs that I was overlooking and he called me and talked me out of that. He convinced me to do a full album and release it. That’s how it happened. Thanks Jim!

Metal Babe: Very cool. What was your songwriting process like for “Bakwash”?

Rev Jones: I actually wrote three of the songs in 1994. It was for a project that didn't happen. I never used the songs because they didn't fit with the bands I was in after, but they fit on my solo album. I actually didn't really change them that much. The song "Candy" was originally written when I was in Black Symphony. It was recorded on a demo, but never released, so I decided to include it. The other five songs were written sometime within the year I recorded the album. And the bass solo was recorded about a month before the album was sent off to have CD's made. Originally the 10th song was gonna be a Whitesnake cover "Slow n' Easy." It came out great, but the distribution deal I have wouldn't allow me to include a cover song, so I replaced it with the bass solo. I'm planning on releasing "Slow n' Easy" with two other cover songs I have recorded as a three song single later this year. Hell, I have almost enough songs written to record a full album. I think I'll start working on it later this year as well.

Metal Babe: Wow, that is interesting. I’ve been enjoying listening to “Bakwash.” Can you pick two songs and tell me about them?

Rev Jones: The title track “Bakwash” has always been a favorite of mine since I wrote it in 1994. Here’s the story behind it. Back when I was growing up the word "Backwash" referred to the last nasty tasting drink from a beer bottle or can, and most people usually throw it away instead of drinking it because they think it's bad, but its where most of the alcohol sets at the bottom. When I started writing the song, I came up with this storyline about a band that never got lucky enough to get signed, that is full of great players that can play and sing any song, that are out playing every night in a bar or a concert hall, sometimes making good money, mostly making no money, but they entertain everybody that see them play no matter what. So in my mind, I related that to throwing the last drink of the beer away and getting a new one not realizing you threw away the best part. Once the song was finished I decided to change the spelling to “Bakwash.”

The song that has been getting the most plays and downloads is "New Drug." Here is that story. The first thing I wrote was the vocal line of the chorus including the lyric. It just came to me one day. It popped in my head and I started singing those words and knew I had to write this song. The next thing I wrote was the chorus guitar part that’s underneath that vocal line. It is very similar to the vocal line, but you don't really notice when you hear it. Then over the next six months I wrote five or six different verse parts (guitar/vocals/lyrics) and three or four pre-choruses (guitar/vocals/lyrics), and after listening to the parts a few times I would realize that I hated them. So here I am 3/4 of the way to being finished with the album and all I have for this song is the Intro, Chorus, Solo section, and that’s it. So I decided not to include it because it really wasn't meant to be. The very next day I'm playing my acoustic guitar on the couch, and I'm playing that intro guitar part and out of nowhere I start playing this AC/DC type riff that flows so perfect from that part. Once again out of nowhere I go to this chord changing part that sounded like it was meant to be there. Especially when I fell right into place with the chorus. I was blown away. Then I thought I probably won't like it tomorrow, but I was wrong. I just kept playing those parts together and started humming the melody over the top.

Now I just need some words that will fit until I know if I like it or not. So as I'm playing I just start looking around for things to sing about. I have like 10 Salvador Dali prints on my walls throughout my house, so I start singing about each painting and {bam!} within 10 minutes I had the first verse and pre-chorus done. . I show the song to my wife and she makes a comment about me having too many things going on in my head, and {pow!} five minutes later I had the second verse done, now the song is complete I actually thought