Sin City Presents Magazine March 2019 Volume 6 Issue 3 - Page 22


Bonzo Bash namm 2019

More with Jeff Outlaw...

Who are some of your past members?

Our original Las Vegas lineup was me on lead guitar, Johnny Roxx, lead guitar and vocals, Ladia Kinakin, lead guitar, David Reed Watson, lead vocals, Sean Koos, bass, Danny Robert, drums and Fred Bensi, keys.

Sean Koos! We really dig that cat! We affectionately call him the class clown of rock-n-roll and we mean that in the most complimentary way…. He has one of the BEST stage personalities and most talented musicians of all time in our opinion. No matter what he’s playing, and he plays everything including Irish folk music, he engages the audience and everyone on the stage.

Any other past, present or recurring members that we haven ‘t mentioned?

Jimmy Burkard - Lead Guitars, Bob Emerson - Bass and Vocals and Tina - Keyboards and Vocals

One of the things I enjoy most about a SHA show is the special guests that occasionally join you onstage, including our very own Sin City Presents Artist Relations Manager, Duane Falconer, who are some others?

Mandy Lion get’s up with us regularly and David still joins us for a tune or two as well.

“The night I stepped onto the stage with those guys, we were brothers... we were friends and even Genie says it’s her favorite time she has ever seen me on stage... smiles and laughs... you Guys get it Jeff “, says Duane, “Sweet Home Alabama Embraces everything Skynyrd stood for, Home. Country. Family and friends and brothers...”

This night holds a special place in my heart says Duane, “coincidently, the same day Jeff called me about playing some “Freebird” with Sweet Home Alabama, I received a call from my cousin. His ex-wife, one of my best friends, had been taken off, life support. My cousin asked me for a favor, he asked me to play “Freebird” for Trina, (it was their song) … without knowing so SHA made somebody’s last wish come true with some Skynyrd and a knucklehead like me.”

What song always gets the crowd the most excited?

The Ending of FREEBIRD. People love that lead guitar section at the end of the song, it’s a very signature guitar lead. It’s kinda like "Stairway to Heaven" from Zeppelin, everyone knows the guitar lead note for note, you see everyone’s cell phone cameras go up taking video and pics.

Tell us a bit about some of your recent performances and what has been your biggest gig to date?

Playing NASCAR at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway was lots of fun, Skynyrd and car racing go well together. We just played in The Orleans at The Bourbon St. Lounge for a 3-day run during their NASCAR Weekend.

What are some of your most memorable moments on stage?

It was one of our earlier shows with Dave Watson at one of our Vamp’d performances. I remember playing the beginning of Freebird and Dave whispers he forgot the beginning lyrics to Freebird, his girlfriend Taylor was in the front of the stage mouthing the lyrics to him.

Sweet Home Alabama has morphed into two versions now… how has it evolved?

Sweet Home Alabama started off as just a Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band, we thought about it and wanted to play more shows more often. We perform shows as our Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute... but we do a 2nd version of the band playing the best of Skynyrd and Southern Rock. We do songs from Skynyrd, 38 Special, ZZ Top, Tom Petty, Bob Segar and so much more. We play more venues now more often with the 2 different versions of the band (under the same name) in our Southern Rock show we usually do an entire Acoustic First set. People really enjoy it and we've gotten excellent reviews about it.

Would you like to share anything else with our readers about Sweet Home Alabama? Is there anything I didn’t ask that you’d like to see in my story?

People often ask about our logo, my longtime friend Francis Ruiz (who is now the Drummer for Buckcherry) is also an artist. I had asked him to draw me up band Logo for Sweet Home Alabama when we first started. He drew up that logo and we’ve used it ever since.

We have a busy schedule coming up, please check our every changing and updated Website for show details and venues. Some shows are our LYNYRD SKYNYRD Tribute and some are the Best of Skynyrd and Southern Rock Show. Follow us on Facebook too!

Dru and I are in the middle of putting together a Country Act called JAXIN/OUTLAW. Dru is an amazing and talented vocalist, he truly shines singing Southern Rock and Country, I’m a lucky guy to have him on my Team. We are just putting the finishing touches on it and will be playing soon at venues to check us out and you know we'll be throwing some Skynyrd into our sets.

Thanks Jeff! We wish you much continued success!

I hope the Rock and Roll Gods are looking out for me and the Band… We hope to be around for years and years to come… there is so much more to talk about I just don’t have enough space to put it all in this article, maybe we can do part two…… Thank you Thank You…everyone loves your magazine and how you guys support all the local Music in Las Vegas. It is very much appreciated more than you know.