Sin City Presents Magazine March 2019 Volume 6 Issue 3 - Page 20


Las Vegas has become one of the most competitive cities for LIVE music, the recent surge of new venues and outdoor locations for LIVE music has created tons of new opportunities for local musicians. Along with this has come a demand for tribute bands. People love to listen to music that takes them back to good times in their lives and adding the LIVE element to that adds to the excitement and experience.

The growing popularity of tribute bands is packing venues in Las Vegas and across the country. Some may argue that there’s little room for creativity when performing in a tribute band, I must disagree, more often than not the players in these troupes have a genuine LOVE for the music their paying tribute to, the commitment it takes to create a fan experience that compares to the original takes an incredible amount of talent and creativity.

When you can close your eyes and the music you hear transports you to that time and place you first heard the songs…. That’s a WIN!

We had the pleasure spending time with Jeff Outlaw founder and creator of Sweet Home Alabama-A tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd recently who shared some history of his tribute and what it’s taken to stand the test of time.

Hey Jeff! Thanks for spending some time with us…

Thank you for having me….

Where should we start?

Before we get started, I want to thank the most important person, my wife, for all of her support of me and this band.

That’s awesome! Many don’t know what the wives endure, LOL

Sweet Home Alabama started in 2012, why was it that Lynyrd Skynyrd was the right fit for you? How did Sweet Home Alabama first form?

Sweet Home Alabama (SHA) first formed as an Eagles tribute Act. We had a few rehearsals but didn’t seem to gel and those vocal harmonies are tough to nail down.

So, I thought about it and always loved Skynyrd, so I mentioned it to the guys why don’t we switch course and play some Skynyrd. We learned a handful of songs, everything locked in place and it took off from there. Our first show was booked soon after that and the rest is history and here, I am today talking to you about it almost 7 years later.

How does a rocker from New York end up playing Southern rock?

I've always loved Southern Rock and Country...and BBQ...haha! Those early days of MTV and seeing 38 Special playing " Wild Eyed Southern Boys" ,all those Skynyrd Concerts on TV and on Don Kirshner had an influence on me for sure. Southern Rock has some really raw guitar playing and seeing bands like 38 Special with two drummers and Skynyrd with three guitarists as a little kid I knew I had to play it. Playing southern rock is FUN and challenging, it’s a certain style of playing, either you have it, or you don’t.

Unlike many tribute bands that come and go Sweet Home Alabama seems to have what it takes to keep the momentum going… You’ve had several players come and go over the last seven years and as I understand it there are two versions a Las Vegas version and a Los Angeles version… What do you think is the secret to the chemistry of Sweet Home Alabama?



w/ special guest Maxxwell + Magical Heart

Nov 17 DE Rostock - Zwischenbau

Nov 18 DE Oberhausen - Kulttempel

Nov 20 NL Zoetermeer - Boerderij

Nov 21 BEL Genk - Colosseum

Nov 25 IT Milan - Legend Club

Nov 27 CH Sursee - Kulturwerk 118

Nov 28 DE Albstadt - Tropicana

Nov 29 DE Siegburg - Kubana

Nov 30 DE Mannheim - MS Connexion

Dec 01 DE Aalen- Rock It!

Dec 02 AT Vienna - Escape Metal Corner

Dec 05 SK Bratislava - Randal Club

Dec 06 HUN Budapest - A38


March Shows:

Orleans Bourbon St. Lounge Las Vegas, NV

Casino Del Sol in Tucson, AZ

River Bar @ Colorado Belle in Laughlin, NV

House of Blues Mandalay Bay Courtyard Stage

April Shows:

Roxys Lounge @ Sams Town

House of Blues Mandalay Bay Courtyard Stage


May Shows:

Marilyns Lounge @ Eastside Cannery

House of Blues Mandalay Bay Courtyard Stage