Sin City Presents Magazine July 2015 Volume 2 Issue 7 - Page 44

cancer-Water-June21-July 22

Daily life for you could take on more importance in the beginning days of your birth month. The Full moon on July 2nd, it easy for you to multitask as things are flowing in the right direction now, take full advantage, get things done. By the New Moon on 16th you will have uncovered a number of buried fears and suspicions that have been holding you back from your greater self. As the Blue Moon rises on the 31st, you'll find a greater confidence in yourself one you have been dying to let out. Dispel those demons that haunt your mind.

Taurus Earth - April 20 - May 20

Many money making opportunities will arise this especially around the Full Moon on the 2nd. You may have been feeling overburdened by others, but go slow and steady be willing to put in the extra effort. Money becomes the focus as you approach the New Moon on the 16th. You will have boundless energy and drive and will feel very social just don't drive yourself crazy as the Blue Moon turns on the 31st. Enjoy yourself go for a canoe trip, camping maybe.

Virgo Earth - August 23 -September 22

You may find yourself more low key at the beginnings of the month with a low energy flow until the Full Moon on July on the 2nd your ready to ring in July 4th with a bang. Free your spirit and recharge your battery during the New Moon on the 16th. When career opportunities arise this month seize the day, express your ideas to higher ups. The seeds planted today grow the roots of tomorrow. Take a step back with the rise of the Blue Moon of the 31st, are you flowing the direction that you are meant to go


Aries Fire - March 21 - April 19

As the Full Moon on the 2nd turns it your ability to communicate shines and could be a great time to make some connection, . accept social invitations, throw a party. Take time to smell the roses when the New Moon turns on the 16th you may find you need some space from the world. The Blue Moon on the 31st sees you through months end kicking back with family spending quality time at home.

Leo Fire - July 23-August 22

Rock & Roll all night, the overwhelming need to hit the local scene check out a new band maybe find yourself a gig. The Full Moon's energy on the 2nd will have you indulging in your creative side and social events may take over your life. With the New Moon on 16th you may find yourself meeting a number of equally ambitious people, start networking. The Blue Moon on the 31st, your energy returns just in time for a work hard, play hard mentality while you settle into the dog days of summer. Find a cool place to hang and enjoy the ride..

Gemini Air - May 21 - June 20

The Full Moon on the 2nd has you in the mood for romance and your insecurity has you to busy. The New Moon on the 16th lights your passions from within. You will have to try to keep cool in the summer heat, let people be on your side. The Blue Moon on the 31st brings a time of avoiding gossip as work has a rather sticky feel of misunderstandings, not to worry you will be fine. You may just have to learn to turn off the switch.