Sin City Presents Magazine July 2015 Volume 2 Issue 7 - Page 40

Classic Album Night 3- Judas Priest-British Steel 6/4/15

By: Leah Burlington

June 4th 2015 was the third Classic Album night at Count’s Vamp'd hosted by Reservoir Dogs (K Caruso, Jimmy Repp, Johnny Roxx and Yasuaki Taniguchi) along with a talented group of Sin City's best musicians, they brought one of the greatest albums by a metal band ever to life live on stage. That album is British Steel and the band is Judas Priest. They are one of my all time favorite metal bands, and the group that made me who I am today. So you know I was super stoked that these guys were going to pay tribute to this amazing genre with one of its greatest albums.

Some of us fans decked out in leather and studs and Priest shirts as well as all the musicians that played onstage that night. What we were about to witness was some of our best of the best singers screaming for vengeance on the Halford vocals, and the guitarists wailing some serious double axe attacks by Downing and Tipton, thundering bass players imitating the mighty Ian hill, and drummers pounding the world, like a battering ram, like Scott Travis has done for many years. (And Dave Holland before him)

With over 23 people gracing the stage, changing up on every song, they tore up the entire British Steel album one hit after another, giving us up front a head banging good time!!! The highlights for me were singers Dru Jaxin, Drew Hart and Danny Wilde hitting the stage with full on leathers, but Drew Hart took the prize with his “Hell Bent for Leather” inspired hat, trench coat and full on fringe, ( More “Turbo”) studs and leather pants! Rob would have been proud. These cats sang their asses off and made me proud of their soaring vocal capabilities. Doug Marsh and Donnie Little also slayed some of the classics.

All the guitarists were inspired, as K Caruso, Johnny Roxx, Morpheus Blak, Doug Ebneter, Stoney Curtis, Duane Forkner, Rob E G, Jeff Duncan and Christian Bouchard, just completely wailed and played their hearts out on every song!