Sin City Presents Magazine July 2015 Volume 2 Issue 7 - Page 4

Las Vegas is more than a place to live it’s a lifestyle. It’ three shifts in a workday, there’s no definitive weekend or “Friday” for that matter. It’s big city living in a small town. Yes, people really live here; no we don’t live on the strip. Yes, I have been asked those questions thousands and thousands of times in my life. We’re a little bit rowdy it’s our cowboy nature, and we welcome all you desert dreamers with open arms. Everyone fits in here because there’s something for everyone!

Vegas is much more than the strip, wedding chapels or cheesy strip clubs. For most of us, unless we have a reason to be on the strip we tend to plan our commute around it, we’re a real city with schools, churches and industry.

It’s nearly 300 days of sunshine every year which makes you appreciate every drop of rain. I LOVE summer thunderstorms! It’s as hot in the summer as it is cold in the winter, we savor every spring and fall day with temps in the 80’s as if we will never again feel the delight of that cool cool breeze. It’s windy here! If you’re new here get used to it!

With the evolution of the Las Vegas Strip mega resorts, mega multi use properties such as Town Square and the Downtown Summerlin shopping center, the revitalization of Downtown Las Vegas we now have little pockets of post-modern fusion all around our valley. You can make a quick escape to wherever your heart desires…. Whether it’s a luxury resort, a day club, or our magnificent desert you can find it all here.

The FOOD! We’re already the wedding and entertainment capital of the world and now we are a global dining Mecca! Anything you can imagine, it’s here! From any country, any culture (except maybe some of that stuff Andrew Zimmerman eats.) It’s become the who’s who of Celebrity Chefs on the strip!

24/7 EVERYTHING!! If you’ve ever lived or traveled anywhere else you know what I’m talking about here…. How many times have you been anywhere else in the world it’s 3am and realized you forgot to get something for the office potluck? No Problem in Vegas! Or how about when you’ve traveled on business and realized you didn’t pack any underwear? Again, not a problem!

We get Halloween off! Well technically it’s Nevada Admissions Day. Either way the kids are out of school and the majority of the nine to fivers get the day off.

NO STATE INCOME TAX! That’s right! We are only one of seven states that do not have state income tax.

Many of you will come and many of you will leave but once you have called this place home even if it’s only a short period of time no one will ever be able to take the Vegas out of you.

The Vegas Native, Battle born and Nevada proud!!

P.S. It’s pronounced Ne-VAD-uh. VAD like DAD, NOT Ne-VAH-duh. Please stop saying it incorrectly you sound like an idiot!

the vegas native