Sin City Presents Magazine July 2015 Volume 2 Issue 7 - Page 26


Yes! THE DREAM TEAM! The “NFL Pro-Bowl of bands!” Yes, we were plugging in players for some time but we’ve narrowed it down. It was really just too confusing for the fans and we needed to really lock in a consistent core. Jeff Duncan, Oz Fox, and I on guitars, Sean McNabb on bass, Jamie St. James lead vocals and Jimmy D’Anda on drums. We all have a tremendous amount of respect for one another and our individual musical history. It’s just a fun experience every time we hit the stage!

Upcoming shows?

We have a pretty solid schedule for the summer, 4th of July weekend in Houston and El Paso, TX then we shoot up to the mid west and play in Beaver Dam and Green Bay, WI the we are back home in Vegas on August 1st at Count’s Vamp’ Make sure you follow us on Facebook or visit the website for show information and LET IT RAWK news!

Van Morrison once said “music is spiritual the music business is not” any advice for those breaking in to this business?

If you get in to it for the money you’re getting in to it for the wrong reason. It’s never been about that for me. I’ve been very blessed to be able to make a living doing what I love! It’s been an AMAZING journey so far, not always easy but I wake up every day with a smile.

Is there anything on your bucket list that would like to accomplish?

So far I’ve accomplished just about everything I set my mind to…. Maybe take up aviation! Learn to Fly!

Thank you so much for spending some time with us have a great 4th in Texas and travel safe! We’ll be ready to RAWK when you get back! See you on August 1st at Vamp’d!