Sin City Presents Magazine July 2015 Volume 2 Issue 7 - Page 25


Photo by: Renee Keel RK2 Photography

"Jason Donnelly is a mastermind at crafting music. We’ve created an extensive library of 30 to 60 second music placement compositions that can be used in musical scores for cinematic productions, commercials, television, video games, virtually any project that you need background music for. The music library has a little bit of everything, blues, rock, 80’s metal and New Wave, classic 70’s rock, punk and even some rockabilly and was recently rated #1 choice for guitar loop packages. Some of the shows that have used some of our compilations are Duck Dynasty, Pit bulls and Parolees, MSNBC lockup and most recently Wicked Tuna."

WOW! That’s really cool! Who would ever think you would hear some sick shred from Stacey Blades on an episode of Duck Dynasty.

This is such a great example of an artist putting his life’s experiences to work for himself. You’ve created something with Jason that has both potential for continued growth and sustainable income.

"You learn a lot along the way, mostly from trial and error. When you’re young and hungry you’re going to make mistakes, and hopefully we learned something from them. In the end you get out of it what you put in to it. It has a lot to do with how you treat people and what you give back."

You recently did some work with the hit television show “The Voice” what can we expect to see in the coming months with that?

"Actually the project is for a national tour that will be starting in September with performers from the show. The band for the tour is a Las Vegas based band, details are still being finalized and will be announced soon. "

Tell us a little bit about your work with the “School of Rock” aside from your technical expertise what other insights and experiences do you share with the kids?

"It’s not so much about reading a text book but about playing the music and learning to be the best performer you can be. Building self confidence and being able to work with others. "

"I work with about 25 kids and the goal is to take the lessons from the classroom to the stage and preparing them for a live performance. Working with the School of Rock is my way of giving back…. It’s all about the kids for me!"

As long as we’re talking about teaching you also have the “Stacey Blades RAWK Academy, where can those looking to add to their own arsenal find out more information the RAWK Academy?

"Message me on Facebook or visit my website is the best way to get in touch."

Bring us up to speed with “Let It Rawk” for a while we were seeing different players at different shows based on availability I’m guessing.