Sin City Presents Magazine July 2015 Volume 2 Issue 7 - Page 24



In March of this year we featured Stacey Blades as our Sin City Shredder, absolutely intrigued by what I learned about him in March I had to know more. I am continually intrigued by how guys like Stacey continue to evolve and add to their arsenal to survive in the music industry.

To recap where we left off in March with Stacey Blades currently, Stacey is producing and starring in his 80’s Metal All Star Revue “Let It Rawk” with members and former members of Black ‘N Blue, Armored Saint, Stryper, Dokken and the Bullet Boys. Before L.A. Guns this iconic shredder played with ROXX Gang for eight years which equaled four albums, three videos and a greatest hits album. He joined L.A. Guns in 2003 where he spent a nearly a decade with them, touring the world and sharing the marquee with other favorites from the same era such as Alice Cooper, Whitesnake, The Scorpions, Dokken, Skid Row, Warrant and more. He’s seen the world playing some of the most prestigious festivals, been featured in nearly every guitar mag possible, and has four studio albums to his credit produced by the legendary Andy Johns.

I was finally able to catch up with Stacey and had a chance to learn a little bit more about what he’s got going on now after all the past is the past. In addition to touring around the country with “Let It Rawk” Stacey is the Music Director for the School of Rock in Green Valley, has been working with Jason Donnelly on Music by Design and as if that were not enough to keep this guy busy he offers online guitar lessons with his RAWK Academy.

So let’s start with Music By Design, what’s that all about?