Sin City Presents Magazine July 2015 Volume 2 Issue 7 - Page 19

john zito

Our July 2015 Sin City Shredder is none other than John Zito! A name that is synonymous with local Las Vegas rockarcheology for more than 14 years. When you watch Zito perform you can feel the soul of the man come out with each and every chosen note and riff he plays. You are immediately taken back to a place and time that is reminiscent of rock Americana with Zito’s slide and dobro guitars. Heavily influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter and dare I say a bit of Steve Vai or Gary Moore. With an arsenal of 50+ original songs you never get tired of hearing Zito. The anticipation of where he will take with his music is almost mind altering. Joe Brown, of the Las Vegas Sun, referred to Zito as "A Las Vegas blues and rock hero" and Maurizio DePaola from Guitar Club Magazine Milan, Italy was quoted as saying "The blues as their philosophy of life, Jimi Hendrix as a source of inspiration and the guitar as a means to express the soul: this is John Zito Band“..

Currently, Zito performs with his own band “The John Zito Band” and is one of the two lead guitarists in Count's 77, a six piece touring band signed to Shrapnel Records. “The John Zito Band” features John Zito on lead guitar, harmonica and vocals, and his Count’s 77 band mates/brothers, Barry Barnes on bass and vocals and Paul DiSibio on drums. It’s Zito’s slide and dobro guitars that

are the heart of “The John Zito Band” and its unique sound.

As I mentioned above Zito is a part of our Las Vegas rock archeology. He’s been playing locally in Las Vegas since for the better part of a decade and a half. He’s seen the “Sand Dollar” go and come back again, he’s seen Feelgoods transform to Count’s Vamp’d and played just about every venue in town that you can think of including the House of Blues, Hard Rock Hotel, South Point Hotel, Las Vegas Bike Fest, and various charity events and festivals.

In 2013 Zito released the album “Lonely, Broke and Wasted” inspired by the struggles he’s seen many in the music industry face head on and life’s loves and losses. In an interview with Vegas Seven Magazine in 2011 John said “My songs usually stem from heartbreak, death and divorce,” he says. “Those are my blues, too. If I get really bummed out, I like to sit down with a guitar and try to make something good come out of a bad situation. Like a song. “Lonely, Broke and Wasted” is available for purchase at . In 2014 Count’s 77 released their self titled CD that includes the shredtastic duo of Sin City Shredders of John Zito and Stoney Curtis . (Available on Amazon )

If you haven’t had the opportunity to see John Zito play add this Sin City Shredder to your list of must see in Sin City. You can find The “John Zito Band” weekly on Wednesday’s at Count’s Vamp’d with his residency show “John Zito Electric Jam” every Wednesday.

What’s next for Zito? He’s working on the new Count’s 77 album and a new release from The John Zito Band. Details for both projects being closely guarded at the moment but Sin City Presents Magazine will bring you up to speed as soon as more news is released.

I was chatting with John’s band mate Stoney Curtis not too long ago and he said that someone once told him that you’re never out of tune until you stop sliding…… so as long as you keep on slidin’ and shredding Zito we’ll keep coming back for more.

Keep up with John Zito and The John Zito band on Facebook and Reverbnation for the most up to date information on up coming performances.