Sin City Presents Magazine July 2015 Volume 2 Issue 7 - Page 11

Her book Beauty of Life is a visual depiction of the beautiful human body, embellished with floral decor. I have a copy and it’s absolutely stunning! It is a quintessential combination of Art, Vision, dreams, floral design and the beauty of the human body. Inspired by the works of German photographer, Klause Krampts, Julie has taken her unique style, talent and love of floral design to an entirely new level.

Finding a photographer with the right chemistry and vision to bring her dream project to life was not easy. It was a single photograph she stumbled across by Las Vegas Photographer Adam Frazier that sparked her to pluck up the courage to make the call. From there the shutter started to click! Together with Julie’s artistic designs interpreted through the lens and Adam’s eye they have created a masterpiece of floral art through the use of the human body as the vessel for delivery. This inspired collection of images will certainly spark plenty of conversation! A must have for artists, floral designers, fashion and décor designers, architects or anyone with an appreciation for true artistic design.

When Julie Reed steps into your life for a brief yet concentrated period of time she is dedicated to helping you design your dream event, whether it’s a wedding or a gala event she’s dedicated to making your vision a reality that will leave you with everlasting memories.