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Welcome to the January 2019

Issue of Sin City Presents Magazine

It’s a bright New Year and Sin City filled with adventures yet to be. It’s a wonderful time to be living in Las Vegas. In a time where the world seems to be stuck in an array of negative energy there are sparkling new attractions coming to Las Vegas in the very near future that will change the Las Vegas skyline for generations to come.

The Raiders stadium is well under way and ground has been broken for Circa in Downtown, the Golden Knights are off to a strong start for the season, housing construction is booming once again, and new industry is continually moving here, all creating new jobs in every corner of our city. Enjoy the ride though and make the most of it, or as my grandfather used to say “make hay while the sun is shining” our little city has a history of crashing quickly following a boom.

Be smart, stay away from impulse decisions and save your cash for that rainy day in the desert. Enjoy the lower gas prices while you can, summer will be here in the blink of an eye and they’ll go back up just as fast as the mercury.

For us, in 2019, we’re looking for many more stories to be told and many more people to meet.

Cheers! To a fabulous New Year!

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