Sin City Presents Magazine January 2019 Volume 6 Issue 1 - Page 52

local spotlight with steven troy-mynas

By: Steven Troy



So... a few months ago, I wrote about my boys in the band Mynas. THAT'S what I really want to do here, shed light on local artists, and the other people that help make our local music world go 'round. Now, the ONLY! way I am biased is, I like what I like, just as you do. The fact that I was in a band with Miles and Mark has NOTHING! to do with my opinion of anything else they do. If it sucks, I'm gonna tell you, it sucks. This does NOT!!! suck! So, Miles sent me a link, so I could check out the new album... I was privileged to get the master copy of the LAST album, Fear The Slave, at the listening party for it... and I thought, I'll listen to a few tracks, just to re-affirm what I already know... best Metal band in town... and write the review... but I couldn't tear

myself away. I sat and listened to the whole record... BARELY holding on to my ass the whole time. This record is INSANE!!! I KNOW these guys are good, from personal experience, but FUCK!!! BRUTAL, POWERFUL, grab you by the throat and MAKE you listen... and... intricate, deep, intense... vocals you can actually understand, something lacking with many bands of this genre... and, as a guitar player, I had to go back a couplethree times, just to make sure I heard it right. WOW!!! is all I can say! Mauricio is a MONSTER drummer, Jeff is a shred MEISTER, they ALL throw down with these intricate, technically difficult, melodic melodies and rhythm patterns... Lamb of God has NOTHING!!! on THIS band! This is a world class band that is FAR better than most of the bands on the world stage today, and they need to get to opportunity to do it... and that starts with YOU!!! If you like brutal, yet melodic Metal, you need to check this out!

"Rachel plays guitar with ATTITUDE, which most people don't today. She hits the strings really hard & means it! She isn't afraid. Super great to work with too" - Johnny Roxx






Yep. I did 2 more, and said, enough, this is WAY too much work. There ended up being a total of 6, 2 at the Elvis Theater at the Hilton, 2 at the Joint, and even 1 at the Pearl, the nicest venue in town, sez I. ALL were well attended, the biggest shows in town on those nights, MAJOR buzz. I met and worked with so many major Rock, Film and Porn stars that I won’t bother even mentioning any. NO ONE!!! Has done anything even CLOSE to that, no one has even attempted to do any shows at venues like that. Sorry, the local shows, at small local spots, while very cool, just aren’t in the same league. Those shows put the music scene in this town in the minds of LOTS of very major people, all of which helps everybody. Was Sally self centered about the whole thing? In a sense, sure, it WAS about promoting HER business… but it helped the scene as a whole, too, in major, positive ways. So think what you want, dear reader, but I was there, and I know the truth, and Sally started with the best intentions… we all know that never lasts very long in this town, you gotta just stop, and take care of #1 at some point. Oh, and do you know where Sally was on 1 October? She happened to be doing the Uber thing, right at Mandalay Bay went the shooting started. She ended up making several trips to the hospital with gunshot victims in her SUV, blood, guts everywhere. She was terrified, and, like the rest of us, had no idea what was going on, she just knew she had to help, and did what she could, not knowing if there were still people shooting. A traumatic, life changing experience, like it was for me, but Sally was RIGHT in the middle of it all, helping to save people’s lives. Still hatin’?