Sin City Presents Magazine January 2019 Volume 6 Issue 1 - Page 47

Photos and interview by Charlene Zezulka

Kevin: Bi-Polar, Ill Patientz , Burden in Sight

Glenn: Astoria, Ill Patientz and Vile Child.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your first gig in Vegas, what are your plans 2019?

Calvin: We have a show in Bullhead at Lazy Larry's on Feb 2nd. More shows, more writing and we’re talking about recording, I was thinking we start are own fragrance ....or a street taco stand.

Nour : I plan on getting a release of some sort out for PWO in 2019 , as well as more out of state shows and local bangers.

Glenn: Would like to explore the butt end of this rabbit hole.

Thanks guys! Can’t wait to see you onstage again soon!

Demo teaser