Sin City Presents Magazine January 2019 Volume 6 Issue 1 - Page 46



Pariah Was One debuts at the Beauty Bar, Las Vegas

Although I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Calvin Sroka perform many times in many venues over the past decade this was the first with the new band Pariah Was One, (thanks for the invite Nour Avasso)!

Pariah Was One features

Glenn Cwikla - Drums

Kevin Lemus - Guitar

Nour Ayasso - Guitar

Oscar Rosales - Bass

Calvin "Carver" Sroka - Vocals

5 Minutes with Pariah Was One

Calvin can you tell us how you guys got together?

Calvin: By five powerful rings of Earth, Wind, Water, Fire and Heart came together to form Captain Planet...... but we showed up instead. For real, it started in 2017. The first lineup couldn't seem to coordinate, but Kevin and I kept writing and then started stalking musicians. That's the short answer.

Nour how did you become involved with Pariah Was One?

Well Pariah was One began as a project with Calvin and Kevin wanting to step out of their current boundaries in musical styles. After knowing Kevin for some time and being in a previous project with him, I was very intrigued when he asked me to try out. Shortly after jamming and learning some material, Glenn, a drummer from Kevin's old band, joined in, followed by Kevin's brother Oscar, to fill in the low end.

Oscar who plays bass, became involved with the project in the Spring of 2018.

Kevin had written a couple of songs and after listening to the demos, he had agreed to be part of the project. After Kevin asked Glenn to join the band, I was unable to attend the first few practices. So, I stepped down. Moving forward in September the band was still looking for a bass player, so I told Kevin that I was still interested in joining the band and I assumed they had no choice.

As for Glenn his answer was simple : The band started because Kevin Lemus owed God for bailing on Meshuggah...... *Laughs*

It is great that there are so many different types of bands in Vegas how would you describe your style of music and who are some of your influences?

Calvin: We keep telling people Meshuggah meets Sevendust, but it's way more than that. Personally, I have eclectic tastes, so Tool, Tesseract, Lady Gaga. The Beatles. George Strait, Gemini Syndrome, Huey Lewis, the classical works of NWA.... does that help?

Nour: I think we demonstrate sounds heard in Meshuggah and Sevendust mixed with progressive but catchy structuring. Both those bands are a huge influence on me, but I also plan on bringing styles from hardcore and extreme metal to the table to fill the spectrum.

Oscar: I've been influenced by a handful of bands: As a teenager I listened to Guns and Roses, Alice in Chains , Nirvana, and Metallica. As I reached my 20's I moved on to Rage Against the Machine, System of theh Down and Soundgarden. If I was going to describe my style would not even be close to the bands that influenced me. I really just play notes that complement the sound of the band. My playing abilities are limited. Therefore, I try to make each note count.

Glenn answer was super brief and simple: We sound like nothing I listen to.

Who have each of you played with previously? Are any of you involved in any other projects?

Calvin: I'm in Death in Motion (diM), I'm Carver and yes, it's ok to call me that I just don't wanna be a pretentious douche and list it in the article

Nour: Burden in Sight which never took off. I was lastly drumming for Fish Leg before they debuted their full length.

Oscar: I've been in few projects back in early 2000's when I lived in Albuquerque, NM . My last stint with a band was Burden of Sight back in 2014.