Sin City Presents Magazine January 2019 Volume 6 Issue 1 - Page 37

Metal Babe: Very Interesting. I absolutely love the new acoustic album, “Nothing But the Truth.” Tell me a little about the album… How many songs did you re-record as acoustic and how many are brand new?

Lesli Sanders: First off thank you for the compliments, and glad you love it. Although some of the songs have been done before, some of the notes were changed, textures added, melodies changed, and in some ways they became new songs. But to answer your question more directly, there were three completely new ones and the other seven were redone to give each its own new identity.

Metal Babe: I definitely know what you are saying… You have quite an extensive catalog with POA. How did you decide which songs to include on the album?

Lesli Sanders: I think we just went with the first ones that seemed obvious. Some songs lend themselves more to the acoustic treatment. We did record some that did not make the record as well.

Metal Babe: That makes sense. The album is on HighVol Music, and Phil Soussan Mixed and Mastered it, and sang backing vocals on “Talkin’.” How did all that come about? You and Phil are longtime friends right?

Lesli Sanders: Yes Phil and I have been friends for years. I love working with him and we share many viewpoints in life besides music. He is such a talent and a great guy to have in my corner. I appreciate him very much. Besides we both share the same birthday of June 23.

Metal Babe: That’s really great, and cool you share a birthday. For the acoustic material, it’s mainly you and Glenn Gilbert, right? And Jason Russo sits in on live shows doing percussion?

Lesli Sanders: Yes, Jason played drums on a full band tour we did, love that guy. So when we play in Los Angeles we invite him out to do percussion with us. He really added to the sound and got things moving.

Metal Babe: You write all the lyrics and music. What is your writing process like, and what is your main inspiration for the lyrics?

Lesli Sanders: That’s a tough one. After hundreds of songs I don't really know. Usually I just start strumming the guitar and the words come out. There are many songs that I never wrote the lyrics down. They just came out of my mouth first try. After that we just start adding the textures and arrangements and then the second verse is always a hassle, matching the melody.

Metal Babe: That is true talent there! Amazing… As a performer, what are the pros and cons when comparing playing a live acoustic gig and full-blown electric show? Which do you prefer?

Lesli Sanders: The full rock show is cooler for sure. The acoustic show is less stress and a whole different vibe, plus you don't have to move gear. I love them both. I love to tell the stories I put to music in either format.

Metal Babe: Very cool. You definitely like to keep busy, between writing, recording, and touring. What is a typical week like for you?

Lesli Sanders: Yeah, I am always on the go. I have not worked a regular job in a long time. I manage to get by just doing music in some capacity, as well as some odd jobs here and there. Lately I have been focused on something more important than anything I have ever done in my life and that is why I have not been touring as much the last year and a half. Sometimes others need help and a person will be called upon. Without divulging too much, I am devoted to that.

Metal Babe: If you were to have some ‘down time,’ what would you do with it?