Sin City Presents Magazine January 2019 Volume 6 Issue 1 - Page 28


Living in the Las Vegas music scene we are blessed to know so many people that have relocated here from the glory days of glam metal and the era that defined heavy metal. To be able to hear the stories of both their triumphs and tragedies first hand. Scott Griffin, who is probably best known as the bassist from L.A.Guns is one of those guys. Scott Griffin can be found on many a stage here in Sin City, sometimes on bass with the Sin City Sinners or on vocals with the Sin City Rejects and once in a while paying tribute to Paul Stanley in in the KISS tribute KISS Thi$. Recently it was announced that Griffin would once again join L.A. Guns onstage at the M3 Festival, but not on bass…. he’ll be strapping up for the lead guitar spot. We caught up with this hometown rocker who was kind enough to spend some time with us and let you get to know a little bit more about him, where he’s been and what the future might hold.

Hey Scott! There’s no place better to start other than the beginning, can you tell us a little bit about your background and what brought you to Las Vegas?

I’m originally from Los Angeles. I was lucky to be a teenager when the whole Sunset Strip heavy metal/glam rock thing was happening. So, I was able to see a lot of that stuff going on and be a part of it too a bit. I was never in any big buzz bands back then, but I did get to play the Whisky and the Roxy when it was the scene and you played to a packed crowd every time. I even got to play the legendary Gazzarri’s once where Van Halen got their start before it closed.

But after that, the music scene started going downhill and never really recovered. On top of that, you rarely ever got paid. At least in Las Vegas they were paying you. So, a big reason for my move was financial.

L.A., and to a greater extent, California, just squeezed me out financially. I had spent way more than enough years “paying my dues.” I wanted to live a little better than in a cockroach infested bachelor apartment with no bed, just a mattress, and drug dealers and wanted criminals as my neighbors for the rest of my life. Three people had died of drug overdoses in the last apartment I lived in. I mean that’s cool when you’re in your 20’s, but then it gets old. I always wanted to be like my idols. They all suffered and lived in squalor starting off. But by the time they were my age, they were living in castles and had private jets. I may never get that far, lol, but Vegas allows me to live a lot better than L.A. has for a long time.




w/ special guest Maxxwell + Magical Heart

Nov 17 DE Rostock - Zwischenbau

Nov 18 DE Oberhausen - Kulttempel

Nov 20 NL Zoetermeer - Boerderij

Nov 21 BEL Genk - Colosseum

Nov 25 IT Milan - Legend Club

Nov 27 CH Sursee - Kulturwerk 118

Nov 28 DE Albstadt - Tropicana

Nov 29 DE Siegburg - Kubana

Nov 30 DE Mannheim - MS Connexion

Dec 01 DE Aalen- Rock It!

Dec 02 AT Vienna - Escape Metal Corner

Dec 05 SK Bratislava - Randal Club

Dec 06 HUN Budapest - A38