Sin City Presents Magazine January 2019 Volume 6 Issue 1 - Page 18

Stuffed Peppers are one of my fovorite things to make especially this time of year. There's just somehing about their light crunch that makes them perfect in the springtime for me, despite the fact that their peak harvest time is from July .

Thanks to global produce exchang in SOUth america and Holland we can enjoy the sweet crunch of these assertive veggies any time of the year.

I like the traditional recipie in the goodd old fashioned Betty Crocker cookbook but occasionally I like a little twist. Here are some great VariationS I found on Penterest that i though you might ejoy as well . Click on the images to see the recipies.

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Welcome #OnTheRoxx with Johnny Roxx! "Each month Johnny different guitar and gear tips and techniques . #OnTheROXX

About Johnny Roxx

Johnny Roxx is a musician born & raised in Southern California. During the 80's he played in the band Tarrga alongside Joey Allen of Warrant and did the Hollywood Hair Metal Scene. Johnny has played with Bill Ward of Black Sabbath, The Bay City Rollers, Richie Ramone to name a few and has been featured in Guitar Player Magazine & Guitar For The Practicing Musician Magazine. He currently plays with Blue String Theory, The Sin City Rejects and subs for Oz Fox in Sin City Sinners.

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Photo by Karina Bermudez

on the roxx

This month we're featuring the complete Johnny Roxx Discography!

17 records total since 1983. Some can be found in your local record stores, some long out of print & up on Ebay

Aerian Rage - "Fist Of Steel" 1983

*Stormspell Records 2012 reissue*

KNAC 105.5 "Ten Best From The West"

1987 LP (Tarrga "Lost & Alone") Rhino Records

Tarrga "Rock City"/"Last Time" single

Tarrga - Lost & Archives 1-2 Box set

1986-1989 Stormspell Records 2012

Johnny Roxx - "Trash" 1997

Johnny Roxx - "Get Yer Roxx Off!" 2008

Johnny Roxx - "Johnny Roxx" 2010

R.O.X.X. - Blind In Vegas 2014

Aerosmith Tribute album

"Deuces Are Wild" 2014

Sabbatical Sons 2014

Bedlam Bowery 2015

Kiss Night In Las Vegas

"The Album Vol 1" 2015

Deep Purple - Tribute Album

"Stormbringer" 2015

Thunder & Roxx "Temple Of The Gods" 2017

Kiss Night In Las Vegas

"The Album Vol 2 The Singles"

"Strutter", "Larger Than Life" 2017

Kiss Night In Las Vegas

"The Album Vol 2" 2017

Sin City Rejects "Death Of A Nation" 2018