Sin City Presents Magazine January 2019 Volume 6 Issue 1 - Page 15

Do you have any updates you can share about the album?

The album is being mixed as we speak. I am working with a very talented engineer (Ari Lowenthal) in the mixing process, it has been a long journey, but all worth it at the end. It is very hard for a musician to release music when it’s not fully cooked or sounding the way it was intended to sound like. Every musician has a personality and a way of doing things, it’s all part of the character of each one of us. Now get the right tones and coloration for the instruments. It is a huge part of this delivery, and I am committed to getting it right this time. We’ve tried virtually anything and everything and came out with the flavors we wanted. Our album “Guardians of the Eternal,” will be released this year finally. We are mixing it here at Black Gates Studio, and then to Helsinki, Finland where it’ll be mastered.

You're currently attending CSN after just having earned a degree in sound engineering... what are you studying now?

Now I’m studying some film. Sounds and images go hand in hand, so I thought it’d be great to understand a little better how to make them work together. Although, sound for movies is a completely different animal than music sound, I find everything sound related fascinating.

Where do you see your music going in the upcoming year?

Music is a road that leads to the place you least expected, so I let her do the driving. Every time I make plans for something music related, it goes in a completely different direction than the one I had planned. Not worse nor better, just different. It is a collection of endless hours of work, mixed with all the stories of my life that I will be sharing with you all this year. However, it will go where it wants to go, of that I’m sure.

We're seeing many artists looking for new ways to monetize their music. What are your thoughts on money and music?

The monetizing of art is in a very shady place right now; there’s too much business and not much music in music business at the moment.

People in suits who have no clue about music steer the ship for now. Hopefully it’ll shift soon towards people who really love music. Money should follow the creative input and effort for every artist, this way one can keep writing more of it. Music is something we all enjoy, imagine a world with no art, how would that be?????????

My advice is never sign anything if you don’t understand it, get somebody who does, get a second and third opinion even if you have any doubts. Copyrights and licenses can get really messy!

Can you share a little bit about Black Gates studios... share a bit on the technology you're using?

Sure, Black Gates it’s where Spelled Moon happens. All the creative process, writing and mixing happens there. Also, many musicians have passed and recorded their music, sounds, ADR, etc.

The technology we are using is a hybrid between analog and digital equipment.

I run a Pro Tools system with Antelope & Avid interfaces, tube preamps like Avalon, DBX, Steinberg and Chandler preamps, Neve Summing Mixer, Chameleon Labs Compressors, Eventide processors and Fractal units. On the mic locker we have Neumann, Cascade, Blue and Sure microphones. I have guitar amps from Marshall’s to Carving, Vox, Albion and several Mesa Boogies. As for guitars, I have from Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, B.C. Rich to Taylor, Godin, Ovation and Rippee Guitars.

Where can our readers find you online?


I’d like to Thank You guys and the staff at the mag once again for doing what you with this great magazine & the brands who walk with me till the end of the line.

Clayton USA.

Rippee Custom Guitars.

TTM Guitars.

DR Strings.

Klinger Custom pedals.


Thank you for taking some time with us Andy and again CONGRATULATIONS from all of us at Sin City Presents Magazine!