Sin City Presents Magazine January 2019 Volume 6 Issue 1 - Page 10





Sin City Presents Magazine is pleased to introduce you to 36 of Sin City’s favorite guitarists! Vote for your favorites! Vote for as many as you like, each voter is permitted 1 vote per calendar day for each contestant. Cannot vote for the same contestant twice in one day. Ballots are loaded randomly each time the page is re-loaded. All vote talleys will displayed publically for the duration of the voting period. You must be registered and logged in to cast your vote.

The regular voting period begins at 12:05AM Pacific Time, Saturday, September 15, 2018 and ends at 11:50PM Pacific Time, Wednesday, November 14, 2018.

The Winner will be posted at on Saturday, December 15, 2018. All nominees and the winner will be honored at a special awards presentation to be held at (location and date to be determined). Winner will appear on the cover of the December 2018 issue of Sin City Presents Magazine.

Sponsorship opportunities for awards presentation event available.

For additional information contact us at 702-722-4598 or email

How do we even begin to say thank you to EVERY artist that performed at the Sin City Presents Shredder Of The Year Awards.

10 #SinCItyShredders were featured and MANY MANY local musicians joined them on the stage at Count's Vamp'd bringing to the house the true spirit of the John Zito Electric Jam. Thank you to each and every one of you for sharing your time and your talents with us.

Featured guitarists for the evening included, John Zito, Stoney Curtis, Jeff Outlaw, Jay Cee, Ronee Peña, Maya Martillini, Chris Tofield, Robert E. Galuppi Junior, Eden Stollman Andy Sarcone Rooney and Duane Falconer.

Badassery supporting these #sincityshredders onstage were some of the most talented peeps on the scene including a couple of surprise guests. Thank you to Paul DiSibio, Barry Barnes, Shon McKee, Danny Robert, Keith Trombino, Joshua Gray Hamilton, Mariah Elisabeth Baldwin, Abby Ortiz, Tracey Hope, Sean Smith, Danny Wilde, Craig Nielsen, Kyle Frost, Mandy Lion Ari Lowenthal, Jimmy Ledezma, Daniel Gallardo, Mychal Freeze, and the entire DAS Band Kenny Prichard Lagarto Marley Don A Sicard, D Michael Evola who backed us and their brothers and sisters where ever a man was needed and were ready for anything we threw at them.

The evening was an epic end to the 7+ year run of the regular Wednesday night John Zito Electric Jam. The John Zito Electric Jam will return in 2019 on the last Thursday of the Month. The 1st annual Sin City Presents Shredder Of The Year Awards embodied the spirit of the John Zito Electric Jam... a weekly event that brings bands together! It was our privilege to share the house with you and we thank you so much for your hospitality John Zito, Korie Koker and the entire Count's Vamp'd staff!

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