Sin City Presents Magazine February 2019 Volume 6 Issue 2 - Page 42


Terry Ilous and the Vagabonds “Gypsy Dreams”

Interview by Kimberly Johnson. Photo credit to Craig Newman Photography, and the solo shots/album are by First Five Photography.

What was your inspiration to create Gypsy Dreams?

Growing up in a Latin family, I had been exposed to Latin and Flamenco music throughout my childhood and had always wanted to do a project with a Latin vibe to it, but I just never had the time. And a few years ago I was on the Monsters of Rock Cruise, and heard this amazing band 'Heavy Mellow' playing on deck. I spoke to the band and discussed my idea with them, and one night we played on the ship, and the crowds loved it. We kept in touch, and as soon as I had some free time in my schedule, we got together and began working on what was to become 'Gypsy Dreams'.

What influenced you to remake the songs that you chose for the album?

Some of the songs were requested by fans. Some of course just seemed obvious to all of us in the group, and others were just artists that we really admired,

and songs that we had grown up listening to.

Do you plan on doing another album, if so will it include some original music?

That is a possibility. We had several songs that worked well in practice, that we didn't have room for on 'Gypsy Dreams', including some more Zeppelin, Rainbow, and Dio; so those may show up on another album down the road, and I do plan on adding a couple of original songs.

Do you plan on touring? If so, with whom would you like to tour with?

We have actually been playing shows, and we already have more scheduled for this year. I love to play as often as possible and will fit as many shows I can between my tour dates with XYZ. And for now we just plan on going out alone.

What are you working on now?