Sin City Presents Magazine February 2019 Volume 6 Issue 2 - Page 39

For the good of your hair skin and health make water your go to drink!

Our bodies are made of 50-70 percent water that includes our skin. Drinking plenty of water helps fight the effects of dehydration and helps rid our bodies and our skin of toxins. Water is essential when it comes to maintaining optimal moisture and elasticity (slows the effects of aging) and helps increase your metabolism. The fountain of youth is right there in the next glass. It’s also Vegan friendly, has no carbs, no sugar and it’s organic (LOL).

Get those brows in shape!

Don’t experiment with this one… find one person and stick with them. They are the MOST important feature of your face and you’ll want to keep your eyebrow game on point . Eyebrows frame the entire face and if your frame isn’t balanced it can throw your entire look off center. Look for bold brows to continue to trend in 2019, seek out a licensed technician and leave the maintenance to the pros.

Commit to a great skin care routine!

Your wedding day is a good motivator to start a good skin care routine and to start building some great new habits to take care of your skin. Sticking to a daily routine is tough for most of us making it easy to procrastinate, your wedding date gives you a deadline which helps add some urgency in getting this habit in place. If you don’t have a regular beauty regimen in place now we have some tips here to get you started. Invest your time in you… YOU’RE WORTH IT!

Cleanse (morning and night). Even if you only have a couple of minutes a day this first step is the best place to start building a good solid daily routine.

Use a Toner. For some this is a personal preference, but it helps remove any excess dirt, makeup or skin cells and tightens the pores. Try one with chamomile for a calming benefit at bedtime too.

Moisturize. In addition to the water we talked about a minute ago using a daily moisturizer will help lock in that moisture to keep skin supple and silky. For daytime choose a product that includes SPF and for night time we suggest a renewing formula specific to your skin type.


Photo Credit:

Kristen Joy Photography &

Casey Jade Photo