Sin City Presents Magazine February 2019 Volume 6 Issue 2 - Page 37

CV: Since working with Doro, you have been credited with writing a couple of songs, “Fight” and “Creep into My Brain”. Anything penned from you on the new album?

JD: Yes. “Blood, Sweat and Rock & Roll” is one.

CV: Will we be seeing Doro on any US dates in 2019?

JD: Yes, US dates were just announced this week. We’ll be doing some coheadline dates with Metal Church in April/May.

CV: Any thoughts on doing an all-star solo album?

JD: I’m working on one as we speak. A bit of a tribute to our “fallen heroes” …so, it will be a collection of my favorite songs by some legendary bands and musicians that we have lost. Mostly from the era that I grew up in (70’s) and still means the most to me musically. I’ve started tracking drums and I’m hoping to get as many guests as I can get to be involved.

CV: You have traveled the world, and from your viewpoint and experience, is Rock still alive and well?

JD: I think it depends on which perspective you’re coming from. Those of us who have lived through the 60’s/70’s/80’s…know “how it used to be” of course that “Rock” is dead! But, there are obviously many successful “Rock” artists out there now. And touring has become king. I’ve seen so many artists who can’t get the attention in the US anymore continue to tour and do well in Europe.

But there is a lot of bullshit to deal with…getting paid for your music, having to “pay to play,” etc. It all affects the smaller, struggling artists terribly.

And then you have a fan’s perspective…we have so much more available to us but some people can’t even afford to go to ONE show, let alone all the ones they would love to see.

CV: Who would you say your favorite artists are... past and present... the ones who really inspire you?

JD: Too many to mention! The music I grew up on will always be the nearest and dearest to my heart. I am still discovering stuff from the 70’s that I may have missed somehow. But listening to all the greats continues to inspire. One example that has seen a huge resurgence is Queen! You could literally spend all your time diving into every nook and cranny of their career and still be inspired and amazed. The talent and creativity in that band was unparalleled. I like to revisit many bands from time to time.

A lot of new music and genres simply do not resonate with me in the same way. However, there are some things that stick out here and there. Usually, the ones who sound retro…hahaha.

CV: Reflecting over your long and thriving career, any regrets? If there was one thing you could have done differently what would it have been?

JD: I’ve made a lot of sacrifices to continue to do this. Sometimes I wish for a more balanced life, not being away from family and friends for so long. But it’s always a tradeoff…I’ve seen some amazing places, played some fantastic shows, been all over the world and met many nice people along the way. It’s a bit of a lonely life but bringing smiles to people through music is such a great feeling.

CV: What’s coming up on the horizon for you?

JD: Continuing to make music and do shows…business as usual! Haha!

CV: Thank you again Johnny for spending your time talking and sharing with our readers. Congratulations on 25 years with Doro! I wish you all the best and continued success!

JD: Much appreciated! Wishing the Cosmick View all the best as well…thanks for the opportunity to speak with you and your readers!

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