Sin City Presents Magazine February 2019 Volume 6 Issue 2 - Page 35

.CV: You have rubbed shoulders with so many of the greats…Do you find you still get a little star struck after all these years?

JD: For sure. I’m still just a geeky fan for the most part. Unless the person is just a dick, haha! I don’t have time for that.

CV: In past bios, you have sighted Peter Criss from Kiss as a big influence early on. Have you ever considered playing in a Kiss tribute band and doing the makeup? I recall seeing photos of you many years ago donning the cat face paint.

JD: Ahhh…so much fun back then doing the face paint and rocking out! Would be a blast to do again…and of COURSE I’d wanna do the makeup!

CV: Which album put you on the road to Rock or road to ruin depending on your point of view? ☺

JD: There were quite a few that flipped a switch towards the heavier side of music. I always think of Alice Cooper “Killer”, Deep Purple “Machine Head”, Led Zeppelin II and Kiss “Alive” as a few stand-outs for me at that time.

CV: Are there any plans for a new Britny Fox record in the coming future and will the band hit the road again this year?

JD: Unfortunately, the band has ground to a halt again. We had some nice momentum going with the last attempt…but, as in the past, personal issues, disagreements and the inability of certain people to communicate and work together for the common goal have ruined our chances to make some new music and continue to do live shows for our fans. So, nothing coming up in that area at this time.

CV: Without a doubt your career demonstrates the power of having a dream… and working at it without fail to sustain a long and successful profession. What do you believe are the top three things it takes for an artist to make it in the music business? Are those three things any different than say 30 years ago?

JD: I think the passion for music will always be the # 1 thing. Then, your personal definition of “making it”. Some people are happy just being creative, recording…doing small gigs…or teaching. Then there are the “hired guns” who are employed as players who obviously need to be paid because that is their livelihood.

For a band or artist, I think the basics are still the same as 30 years ago…you need a good “product” and fans to enjoy it to build and sustain. The “biz” side has changed drastically as we all know but in some ways, artists can have more control over their careers. The big labels worked great for some, but many were chewed up and spit out. Now, if you can use the tools available to you (social media, crowd funding, etc, etc) and build a solid fan base and touring schedule, it can definitely work.

CV: In addition to your time with Doro, Britny Fox and numerous other original projects, you also perform with the INXS tribute band KICK and also had an all-star 80's tribute band called Headbanger's Ball... is there a big difference for you playing covers versus originals or is it all just work?

JD: It depends. It’s gotta be fun. Playing tunes, you like with people you like…that’s the basis of it for me. With HBB, it was a killer band playing all the tunes we dug from the heavier side of the 80’s. I loved that project and am very sad it never reached its full potential. We lost our singer Jane Train (Janet Rains) to a tragic accident on tour with Adrenaline Mob that also took the life of bassist Dave Z (TSO, etc).

With “KICK,” it’s still “Rock” but a different musical side all together…covering New Wave, R&B, Funk and Dance grooves. INXS were a great band that covered many musical styles and changes over the course of their career.