Sin City Presents Magazine February 2019 Volume 6 Issue 2 - Page 34

By: Mick Michaels

Cosmick view: Hello, Johnny! Welcome to The COSMICK VIEW. Thank you for taking some time out of your day to chat with me, it’s greatly appreciated.

CV: You just celebrated your 25th year performing with the Metal Queen, Doro Pesch. Congratulations on this silver anniversary milestone, with many, many more to come I’m sure. With such an accomplishment, how do you plan to celebrate?

Johnny Dee: Thank you! It’s quite unbelievable, really. Our bassist Nick Douglas even has me beat by a few years! We had a really killer event for his 25th, which would be cool to replicate. A 2-day event with the first night being a special performance of Nick’s solo stuff with the Doro band members and the 2nd night a full DORO show in an intimate venue. If not an “official” celebration, I’m just happy to continue doing shows wherever it may be! More good times with good people…still waiting for my gold watch though! LOL

CV: In addition to your incredible tenure with Doro, what do you feel has been your greatest achievement as a musician?

JD: Surviving the 80’s! Haha

CV: It seems like you have never stopped working whereas many of your peers have come and gone. What has kept you in the game… what keeps you ticking?

JD: I’ve been very fortunate, and I still enjoy doing it. Of course, it helps to have a gig that has lasted 25 years…and a common loyalty with Doro for example. But there are so many variables…it really comes down to the individual. I guess it’s sort of an addiction. You really chase that high and sometimes there are low points. I’ve been doing it so long I wouldn’t know what else to do, haha. It’s not an easy life…especially if you’re not at the top of the “food chain”. If you don’t quit, you learn to adapt and survive.

CV: Do you play any other instruments in addition to the drums?

JD: I’m quite an accomplished air-guitarist!