Sin City Presents Magazine February 2019 Volume 6 Issue 2 - Page 32



Vegas Rock Revolution Showcase: Duel/ House of Broken Promises/ Tyrants by Night/ Sonolith

Photos: Leah Burlington

Review by John Gist

Counts Vamp'd 07/15/18

I have been a

Was cool to meet legendary Brian Slagel from Metal Blade Records, who is a really cool guy and knows how to put on a CD release party!! What a great night!! Congrats Lizzy Borden on your new album!! We LOVE You to Pieces!!!


Sonolith got the party started with a very strong set to warm up the crowd. Alex Sonolith and his gang have been a regular as an opener for VRR and are known for their hard driving riffing instrumental sets.

Tyrants by Night came on stage blazing with their early Metallica feel and blew away the crowd as they continue to build upon being the hottest heavy rock band in Vegas. Thanks again to Matt O'Rourke, Jay Dumas, Skylar Voegele and Josh Govang for being part of another Vegas Rock Revolution Showcase.

On August 23rd, the band “Anthology” made its debut performance at Counts Vamp’d. The band consists of members of Raiding the Rock Vault, including Michael T. Ross, Jason Ebs, Mark Boals, Cian Coey, Blas Elias and Zoran Maddox. They sounded amazing as they usually do, they totally rocked the place, no disappointments. Fans were totally engaged. Great vibe

It’s been a surreal time lately. In the end of 2013, I decided to end a real bad relationship and go to rehab in California. It was the lowest point in my life and i needed to get better. After i got back at the beginning of 2015 I jammed a couple of shows with Dallas n smashing but started some other projects. Then by 2018 we decided why not finish our record and give this a real shot. So here we are and were here to stay.

If I am up to speed on the latest news from DP you guys have an EP dropping soon correct? What can we expect and when can we get our hands on it?

We have a killer new single that's about to drop and a full new EP on the way. I worked with Nikka Bling, a phenomenal producer that studied under the Churkos, who helped me a bunch with pro tools. Its currently getting mixed and mastered by the Palms main engineer Robert Katz. The newest single will be out in the next month and we're working on getting a good location for our video.

Tell us a little bit about the “All You Can Eat” Tour, what was your most memorable moment?

There were a lot of moments most I won't be able to say in this interview ha, but my fav memory was Portland Oregon. We were playing the Crystal Ballroom and it was sold out. I remember throwing my bandanna to the crowd after the first song and seeing it look like a beach ball in a sea of people.

What are you working on currently?

Currently I’ve been working on the new DP ep, and have been doing session work for multiple bands and projects in Vegas and Cali. I have a killer studio at my house and slowly have been transforming my entire second floor into the recording studio. you know as much as the wife lets ha.

Where do you see yourself and your music going this year?

I see myself bulldozing obstacles this year and getting us on a great tour. Ive know some killer AnR reps and have built up some truly killer connections over the last couple of years. I even got to play in a small room for the president of Century Media, which was a trip.

For the gear heads… tell us a little bit about your rig and your must haves…

For my main rig I've been using Kemper amps. I got the kemper in 2015 and was one of the first out here that i know of to use it live. I was working with a killer producer at the time named Shawn Mcgee who told me about it. I love the convenience of it, and it sounds incredible live.

Where can our readers find you online?

Our band website is

Instagram is @dylandice_

Any upcoming gigs?

We have a fun upcoming show on Feb 23th at Vampd with some of our fav dudes in Counts 77. March 22nd, we have a gig at a new club in the Rio called 172.

Almost forgot my Spotify for my solo instrumental stuff

Phot Courtesy of Randy Udell

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