Sin City Presents Magazine February 2019 Volume 6 Issue 2 - Page 30

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Living in Las Vegas ROCKS! Where else can you meet so many talented people from all over the world? This month’s Sin City Shredder is Dylan Dice from Dirty Paradise hails from Lafayette Louisiana and has called Sin City home since 2009. He picked up the guitar at the age of 14 which took him to Hollywood to attend Musicians Institute. During the day you’ll find him giving guitar lessons at Sam Ash Music and at night he’s rippin up the stages.

Hey Dylan! Thanks for spending some time with us. Let’s jump right in!

Musicians Institute and an education in music took you from Lafayette, Louisiana to Los Angeles and you’ve called Sin City home since 2009; What brought you to Las Vegas?

Pretty crazy I was working at HOB in Hollywood at the time and wanted to get out of LA. The crazy tickets and traffic were a little too much. so, the girl I was with at time suggested Vegas and as soon as I got here, I didn’t want to leave.

What do you like best about living and playing in Las Vegas?

I love the venues out here such as Vampd, HOB, Vinyl, Brooklyn Bowl, Fremont Street. Vegas has some killer venues. Living here has been a blast and it feels great to finally own my house here with my wife. My day job Is teaching guitar lessons at Sam Ash, with the best staff I’ve ever had a chance to work with. I truly feel thankful out here

Working with the Red Hot Chili Peppers must have been a trip… (Flea is my favorite Bass Player) he’s nuts! “Tell Me Baby” is a great song and the video is so clever.

How did you score a spot in that video?

I was going to Musicians Institute in Hollywood at the time and the bulletin board at the school had it listed so I went to the audition with some friends, and little did we know it was the actual video. I got to smoke a joint with John Frusciante after and talk to him a bit, that was really kool.

Shortly after moving to Las Vegas you helped form on of Las Vegas’ favorite bands… Dirty Paradice; How did that group come together?

Well I ended up chillin’ with a killer drummer named Moyer Smith and he said he had a singer that was a bit of wild child, and said his name was Dallas. I thought this guy sounds fucking awesome, next thing I know we were jamming. Dallas and I are the closest thing to brothers we have. I love the dude with all my heart, and we make some killer music together. I can’t do what I do without him next to me.

DP has shared the stage with a ton of big names including Vinnie Paul (R.I.P) who are some of your favorites?

Our first big star we played with was Dave Navorro, it was at the Black Door, a small club Dave owned right next to Double Down. We didn’t even know he was coming, but it was the AVN awards so we were told he might show up. So, about an hour in the set we see him show up with 20 porn stars around him and on our break, he asked me if he could jam. I was like um that’s a Yes. He was so kool and a killer player. we had a blast, that was a killer night. Vinnie and Paul Shortino jammin on some songs that night too. It was one of the best nights for sure.

Dirty Paradice had been on an extended hiatus for five years, you all gave us a teaser in July last year with your guest appearance at a Smashing Alice show and have had a couple of gigs since then, what’s the story? Is DP BACK?