Sin City Presents Magazine February 2019 Volume 6 Issue 2 - Page 26

london edge

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Celebrating 20 Years of London Edge at Alexis Park Hotel - Las Vegas, NV.

February 5th and 6th, 2019

Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

LondonEdge is one of the longest running fashion trade shows focused on lifestyle and alternative fashion. The first official London Edge Tradeshow took place in February of 2000 in London, England. The concept was initiated by founding members Carole Hunter and Sandra Phillipson in an effort to create a tradeshow for fans of edgy and alternative fashion. Throughout the past twenty years, Carole and Sandra have put on 39 shows in the UK, as well as exhibitions in New York, Berlin, and Vegas.

Personally, I’ve known about this trade show since its inception and was so happy when I found out about their Vegas debut August of 2018, since I had been unable to attend prior. I went to the first Vegas show as buyer to check out the vendors and to see if the show would be a fit for exhibiting Metal Babe Mayhem in the future.

London Edge turned out to be a perfect fit for Metal Babe Mayhem, and I am so happy I was able to set up a booth at the February 2019 show. It was a great experience to have this opportunity to network and connect with like-minded vendors and buyers from around the world.

The Tradeshow grew approximately 40% since their first time in Vegas, expanding to two rooms, both filled with a majority of independent vendors. There were close to 70 vendors exhibiting quite a wide variety of products for retailers. Booths consisted of everything from leather harnesses to lipstick, pins to pasties, and cat ears to cloaks. Everywhere you looked you could see glitz, glamour, goth, rock, flash, and faux fur. There was such a wide selection of colors too! Of course, there were beautiful goth booths full of mostly black dresses and corsets, and lots of black t-shirts, but there were also vendors with clothing made of bright patterns, multi-floral colors, and beautiful pastels.

Prophets of Addiction (POA) released their first acoustic album ‘Nothin’ But The Truth’ on October 26, 2018 via HighVol Music. They have been knocking out videos left and right for the album, including the forth and most recent video, “Babylon Boulevard.” After being friend and fan of Lesli Sanders since we first met almost two decades ago (when he was in City Girls’ Boys) it was a pleasure to have a chance to dig a little deeper into his past, present, and future.

Prior to Prophets of Addiction, Lesli Sanders performed with Pretty Boy Floyd, City Girls’ Boys, Queeny Blast Pop, and was a touring bassist with both Marky Ramone (Ramones) and Phil Lewis (LA Guns).