Sin City Presents Magazine February 2017 Volume 4 Issue 2 - Page 60

The Daily Demon

First Contact, The Lair of The Demon-Part 4.

Fresh off of the single-most humiliating moment, at least in my adult life, (and may I remind you, this is the same guy who peed the bed at a Marriott just last month), and with our shattered psyches spilled out all over the table like that poor kid's checkers after his devastating "Connect Four" loss to to his gloating sister, ("There, diagonally!!".....-"Pretty Sneaky Sis". ((I'll be impressed with anyone who gets THAT reference!!) we headed to the table to begin our pitch meeting. Myself, Christina, and (for some reason) Kenny, rounding out the trio of bobbing heads, in the Demon's own life-size game of Whack-a-Mole.

Christina produces the portfolio containing the artist renditions of all of the wonderful potential props that could and would be brought to life upon his approval, or die of the vine if they displeased him.

Boldly emblazoned on the cover of the portfolio, was the original (and short-lived) working project name of "Monster Mini Golf presents...KISS!!", (which was quickly scrapped in favor of "KISS!!!! (And in much smaller type size, as if to simulate whispering it, "by monster mini golf".....ssshhhhhh).

The MMG logo at the time, was a fluorescent green, and we were quite proud of it!

As Christina reached for the cover to open it and start the picture show, Gene put his index finger down on the cover, abruptly halting her action abruptly, while simultaneously pointing at the MMG logo, seemingly in a mixed bag of puzzlement, tinged with disapproval.

We all waited, suspended in brief, stomach-tickling second not unlike that fleeting moment BETWEEN when you lean back on your chair just a little too far and it starts to go over, and the moment you catch it.

The silence was deafening.


Then he spoke.

"Why Green?", he calmly asked.

(What kind of mind game was this?!?!?)

"Excuse me?" I which he added the clarification...

"Your Logo....Why Green?"

I didn't know what to say, as we'd had the MMG brand for many years, and it was not even part of this presentation, and most importantly....NOBODY TOLD US IT WAS GONNA BE ON THE TEST!!!!!!".

But that did not matter, because before we even had time to answer incorrectly, he elaborated.

"Do you know, that it's a scientific fact, that NOBODY likes the color green?", (What??), "It's true, they've done studies on it."

We were deer in the headlights. He had scientists???

My eyes darted around the room, half expecting to see a group of white-coated men standing with clipboards, shaking their heads at us in disgust at how this glaring common-knowledge fact could possibly have gotten by us.