Sin City Presents Magazine February 2017 Volume 4 Issue 2 - Page 51

over-banging on prices for drinks, even for gamblers, and feeding them watered down DJ background theme-to-hell typed entertainment and now, something about paying for parking? Most people I speak to from out of town don't want to return here anymore and some casinos are finally figuring that out so I think they're realizing that FUN needs to be a factor. Live entertainment is a must- People CRAVE it. You can't interact with an iPod-pusher, but a band can move you, a band can make you feel good, a band can get you to come back to Las Vegas ASAP, because you WANT to.

Any other thoughts you’d like to share with our readers?

Live music IS coming back, but it's nothing without an audience. Keep supporting local music, and NEVER turn a deaf ear toward a new, original rock band. It needs to be nursed back to health; it was under attack for a while by the soulless. Let's all do our part in restoring one of the last, real, honestly good things in this world. Let's keep Rock & Roll ALIVE!! I'll keep playing out for you, people of the world, if you keep coming to see us, the last real entertainers, who put it all on the table, night after night, to keep the big party going!!

How about upcoming gigs or appearances?

I’ll be playing a lot here in Las Vegas, and a few other U.S. cities, in 2017, either playing with, or filling in for, the Saints of Las Vegas featuring Brent Muscat of "Faster Pussycat", Electric Dynamite featuring Jeff Duncan of "Armored Saint", Frank DiMino of "Angel", the BONES, and anyone else who needs the "musical mercenary of Las Vegas".

I recently watched an episode of “On The Fritz” You’re HILLARIOUS! I guess the best way to describe this production is something close to a cross between the Benny Hill Show with a little bit of SNL and Twilight Zone mixed in… you are TWISTED!

Will you be filming any more of these?

We had a few delays for the third episode that set us back quite a bit but I did resume the filming for Episode 3 last year and it’s almost completed. I write, shoot, act in, and edit the show so it’s like a juggling chainsaws just to get the next shoot together LOL. Episode 3 has a few more cast members in it and we’re hoping to finish shooting and editing by late spring.

You have to check this episode out! "On The FRITZ!!" Episode 2 Fair warning it’s not for the squeamish or prude at heart.

Thank you so much for spending some time with us Fritz! It’s been a blast getting to know more about you. Keep up with Fritz for upcoming shows and appearnces by following him on Facebook.