Sin City Presents Magazine February 2017 Volume 4 Issue 2 - Page 50


Can you share a moment you’ve experienced that altered the trajectory of your career?

I think what really got me to go back into performing full-force was my 15 minutes, or the first of many 15-minute-moments, as I'd like to call them… that happened back in 2009. Bruce Kulick invited me to sing lead vocals on a few songs with him and Robbie Krieger of THE DOORS at the Whisky-a-go-go, where they were doing a fantasy camp, and were doing KISS and DOORS songs. I happened to be in L.A. performing the following night, so it worked out perfectly. That moment on stage was what did it for me. It hit me... it wasn't terrifying and weird, it was home. The first time I really felt "home", the closest to enlightenment a chaotic soul such as me can achieve in this world. Performer, I'm a TERRIBLE introvert, and performance is the ONLY way I can truly interact with people. It's what I have in common with everyone else. My place at the party! Since then, I'd had many 15-minute-moments with bands like Great White, Winger, Steel Panther, Spyro-gyra, backing band for the Temptations, backing band for the OJAYS... I digress, 10 years of this; you could imagine dozens more I'm sure, I'd jammed with more hard-hitters than any hard-hitters I've worked for, and with.

Do you feel you've reached your goals musically? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

My goals will never be met. Which is kinda cool, because I'm not the kind of person who wants the end of the road, I'm always trying to do more, get better at what I do, and do it as long as I can. I have small, daily goals, but the big ones, are all "aim for the stars". As far as 5 years from now? I'm hoping to do the same and a LOT more.

For our gear heads can you tell us about your current rig or some of your preferences in gear?

My gear.... (tee hee)... O.K., BUDGET, budget is EVERYTHING. I'm not rich. Nor do I have access to incredible discounts. So, research, and a lil' hard work led me to this as a typical rig- Behringer amp head(149 bucks) Behringer direct pedal (clone of "Sam’s ass" D.I., 35 bucks), O'Hara

MONEYMAKER 1x15 cabinet or O'Hara MONEYMAKER 2x12 cabinet (Yes, I make my own lightweight birch, 400w cabs.) Fender Squire Bass (149 bucks.) So, you can have my EXACT FULL rig at a cost of about 600 bucks...If you make the cabinets like I did.

You play so many types of music… do you have a preferred genre that inspires you more than others?

My favorite is rock, in all forms, for most of my life. This is still VERY true. But I also listen to 50's and 60's ultra-lounge, EARLY ska, rockabilly, modern jazz, and about 5 or 6 other types in current rotation. I DON'T listen to hip hop, let's get that right out there, I'm not at ALL into that, or the similar, noteless, songless "music" out there right now. My message is...Music. If you don't play it, or sing it, GET OFF THE RADIO. That's like having an interior decorator flying a plane. Leave it to the pilots


Thinking about new/modern bands out there are there any new acts that you like?

This is a sad subject I'd just grazed, but didn't stab right into. It breaks my heart to inform, that I almost NEVER listen to the radio, because of 99.8 percent of what's being played on the radio right now. I've heard clips of up-and-coming rock bands that have what it takes, and it almost brings a tear. A feather from an angel's wing in a sea of excrement...It's so inspiring to hear life back in rock, you can knock it down, but it keeps coming back. I say to these FEW rock acts out there coming up now, you're fighting the tide, so FIGHT HARD. Fight the good fight, tune those guitars and NEVER rely on a "track".

We’re seeing LIVE music making a comeback in Las Vegas in particular in the hotels and casinos… what are your thoughts on the climate of local scene and the opportunities out there right now?

I think Las Vegas casinos are finally figuring out, you can't "Disney” or "Bel Air" the tourists, and especially the locals, anymore. They were all taking what they could, not offering anything,