Sin City Presents Magazine February 2017 Volume 4 Issue 2 - Page 49

What other instruments do you play?

Aside from guitar and bass, I play drums and keyboards, also stand-up bass and piano, but if I can't haul it, I can't count it. (laugh) I've also recorded harmonica and percussion tracks when I've been put on the spot in a pinch.

What brought you to Las Vegas and how long have you called Sin City Home?

Ah, the question I never thought I'd have to answer until now... ha-ha! I originally came out west with L.A. in mind, pursuing my acting career at the time. About 12 years ago, 2 friends, and fellow band mates from N.Y. suggested strongly that I stop here in Las Vegas, with them, to get established, or at least ready to take on our goals. Soooo, I needed a job. I was hired as a Tom Jones impersonator. Yep! There it is. However, at that time, I just couldn't bring myself to do it, not with L.A. being so close, and me being so motivated to take on Hollywood. Got there, got in, got in real quick actually, finally got the ball rolling only to find... how the world REALLY works. Not just the Hollywierd world, but the entire one. After bouncing around between San Diego and L.A. with my soul between my legs, I headed back to the one city that treated me well. REAL well. A town that helped me to realize that I love performing live music much more than I thought I did… Viva Las Vegas! Home since then, and hopefully for a lot longer.

What do you think are some of the most

inspiring things happening in Las Vegas right now?

Inspiring things right now... has to be the slow, but steady resurrection of the "Live Show" in Las Vegas... the band, not the IPod, the show, not the illusion of one.

Which artists have influenced you or your playing style?

I've been lucky, and blessed, with being able to hear, or see my favorite guitarists, singers, drummers, bassists, etc, and learn from that. I'd never had lessons, just ear. THEN the real blessing is that my "day-job", consists of me spending all day with the VERY same artists, learning from them, in the same room. I work in backline, and was a guitar tech for many years, for bands like Three Dog Night, Grand Funk Railroad, the Romantics, Bruce Kulick, and so many other artists who'd influenced my playing over the years