Sin City Presents Magazine February 2017 Volume 4 Issue 2 - Page 45

WOW! How awesome is that! Not many can say they still have their first guitar…. What a treasure.

And for our gear junkies what are some of your gear preferences now?

I use BC Rich, Ibanez, Steinberger, Gibson, Fender, Roscoe, Washburn, and various custom guitars. For amps my main rig is comprised of a Mesa Boogie Triaxis preamp, Mesa Boogie 2:90 power amp, TC Electronic G-Force for effects, EVM 12L drivers in all my Boogie speaker cabinets. Hughes & Kettner Switchblade 50 watt combo amp for smaller gigs. I have a Hughes & Kettner Grandmeister Deluxe 40 on order. Shure & Sennheiser wireless systems. Ultimate Ears UE11's, Shure, Neumann, AKG, and Audix microphones. Pro Tools recording systems.

What was the first riff you ever learned?

"Seagull" by Bad Company.

What a great tune! What is your most memorable moment in your career so far?

There certainly have been many. The first time on stage with "Vixen" on the "Voices of Metal Tour", in 2001. I was their keyboardist/rhythm guitarist/road mgr. and meeting Bob Seger at my 3rd audition on guitar for his Silver Bullet Band.

Nice! Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band that’s not a name you hear every day now. How long did you spend working with Bob Seger?

I spent five months rehearsing, auditioning drummers, and developing material with the band for the album "The Fire Inside". Everything came to a halt at one point, and nothing happened for the next two years. By then I had moved to Los Angeles.

How would you characterize your style in one sentence?

My dominant style would be 80's/90's heavy rock.

You currently play Lead Guitar and sing with 7 different bands: "HERSTORY OF ROCK", WORLD COMING DOWN", "VENUS RISING ", "DESERT BREEZE", "METROPOLIS", "THE ROX SHOW". and "SOVEREIGN BLUE " all diverse genres and with extensive song lists how on earth do you stay organized and prepared for each?

Computers and Ipads! I'd be lost without them. I use them to organize repertoires, charts, lyrics, etc.

What is your all time favorite guitar solo by someone else?

So many to choose from! The lead from Foghat's "Fool for the City".

I believe that an effective guitar solo should be a song within a song and have its own high and low points.

Are you working on any original music?

Yes, for my "World Coming Down" band.

Do you have any hobbies or areas of interest outside of music?

Computers and home improvement.

What are you most excited about in your life right now?

My life is on the up-swing now after a long dark time, and I'm optimistic about my opportunities in music and elsewhere. Live entertainment has taken a beating here in Las Vegas since 2007. I think the DJ craze is winding down. Budgets for live entertainment are still low, and that's why you see so many cover bands using tracks in place of musicians. There are however, some new venues in town investing in live entertainment.


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