Sin City Presents Magazine February 2017 Volume 4 Issue 2 - Page 35


If I recall correctly “Temple Of The Gods” will be your 6th album… can you share a little bit about some of the others with us and where our readers can purchase them?

It's my 6th album in less than six years, pretty crazy considering the current state of the music industry. The Aerian Rage album is a compilation of demos from my very first band when I was fifteen years old. Stormspell Records offered me a record deal in 2011 and released that one (500 copies) along with the TARRGA box set. Then we put out the R.OX.X. "Blind In Vegas" album. The Aerian Rage album sold out extremely fast and has now become a collector's item and goes for well over $100 these days. I believe Tarrga & R.O.X.X. can still be purchased via the Stormspell Records website. I also contributed guitars & a lead vocal on Kiss Night In Las Vegas "The Album Vol 1". That album was super fun to record. Kaye Caruso & Stoney Curtis are both so great and easy to work with. We had an amazing time doing that one! I also play guitar on a track on Aerosmith "Deuces Are Wild" A Millennium Tribute". I'm not sure if that one is still available.

BST “Blue String Theory” looks like it’s holding strong for you… Can you tell us a little bit about the players and what you have going on with that project

Blue String Theory is my main project. We've been together just over a year now & have gone from two shows a month to averaging 12 or more. We're super busy! Peter Kizzire is on drums, Gary Dilger bass, Brian Pollack vocals, Sam McCaslin keys/guitar. We play Fremont Street a lot as well as most Saturdays at The Palms Casino & also Santa Fe Station's Chrome Room, The Rio and Eastside Cannery often. We play a variety of music, not just one genre. Classic hit songs.

What other projects are you currently working on?

I play occasionally with The Sin City Sinners and also a spin-off Punk Rock thing called The Sin City Rejects with Scott Griffin, Jason Green & Jeff Tortora. Rumor has it there may be an all original Rejects album coming in the summer of 2017. Stay tuned!

We’re seeing quite a few venues including some of the hotels add more live entertainment back into their budgets, what are your current thoughts/feelings about the local scene and opportunities for the working musician?