Sin City Presents Magazine February 2017 Volume 4 Issue 2 - Page 28

Zemaitis Guitars ‘Art With Strings’ was the Place to Be at This Year’s NAMM Show!

Written by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen

Local and national artists were given an opportunity to play the NAMM Show Every year at NAMM I have a different focus... This year my primary focus was to promote the brand new Metal Babe Mayhem "Studded Star" guitar strap, custom-made by Al Bane for Leather, at the Zemaitis Guitars booth. I am so happy to have showcased my first official product at NAMM 2017, and am thankful that Al Bane and Zemaitis gave me this opportunity. The Al Bane for Leather display looked amazing inside the Zemaitis booth, and it was exciting to see the great response that the guitars, guitar straps, and guitar covers received.

While I was at the booth, I spoke with Zemaitis sales manager Dave Hager about the history of Zemaitis, technical aspects of the aesthetically pleasing metal plated guitars, and the recent collaboration with Al Bane for Leather.

Zemaitis had approximately a hundred guitars on display on the second floor; room 210C. In addition, they had a stage where using Zemaitis guitars. It was great to see so many musicians perform onstage throughout the convention, including former Megadeth guitarist Jeff Young and Jason Wilson. Part of the goal and vision of Zemaitis is to grow the local music scene. They want to help local musicians and people who are passionate about guitars. This was definitely a big move for Zemaitis from the previous years, when they were in the NAMM 'basement.’

Personally, I have been familiar with Zemaitis for quite some time because of Gilby Clarke’s custom deluxe silvertop. However, I really enjoyed learning the history behind Zemaits, and that the purpose of their guitars’ beautiful handcrafted metal plates is to cancel the noise from the 60 cycle hum.



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