Sin City Presents Magazine February 2017 Volume 4 Issue 2 - Page 24



K-Line Guitars-

This months Guitar Porn centers around the product and companies I'm in love with and intend on being in long term relationships with.

Winter NAMM 2017 brought old relationships full circle and also introduced new companies I will be engaged with in the years to come. The gear one plays should stem from a passion, much the like the music you write. I find things that help me express what I hear in my head, and when I do find that piece of gear I stick with it. The other major factor is the people behind the scenes.

I only enter relationships with people I vibe with. You can have the greatest guitar line in the world BUT if you're a dick, that's a wrap. I align with passionate, driven and humble creators and do the best I can to use their product with pride. --K


Boutique Guitar Amps

3RD POWER produces a wide array of hand-made USA guitar amplification products, including amplifiers as well as speaker cabinets carrying either the “3RD POWER” or “Wooly Coats” brand name. Over the past seven years, the company has established a solid reputation as a manufacturer vintage-inspired guitar products based on their patented and proprietary technology. Check out this next video with Jamie Scott and his thoughts on boutique gear. (Continue)


Written By: Kaye Caruso