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steven troy

What's NOT so much fun is partying until you don't really know what you’re doing, your judgment is seriously impaired, and now, you're a danger to yourself and others. THAT'S not a party. It's a tragedy that happens FAR too many times, every day, everywhere, but, again, the nature of this town makes it so much easier to get there. When you don't know when to stop, and when you believe you're just fine to do whatever you may want, is when there's serious problems, potentially for EVERYONE, not just you. I'm gonna talk about weed really quick here. I don't smoke it anymore, haven't for quite a long time, but it's relatively harmless... not counting laziness and potential weight gain due to some serious munchies. Alcohol is FAR worse. Weed's not gonna make you start fights, be belligerent, or jump in your car when you REALLY shouldn't... which brings us to the moral of this rant... and a segue from last month. Let's rewind a couple weeks. We all heard about the straight fucking idiot that hopped in her Camaro at 8:30 in the morning and went wailin' off down Eastern at 103!!! miles an hour!!! and killed a little kid... AND put his parents in the hospital. As much as most traffic accidents are avoidable, THIS one was completely unconscionable. This is so far beyond wrong that words simply cannot begin to even come close to describing how bad this really was. If I've

had a couple beers, I'm REAL mellow when I drive, which I kinda am anyway. NO ONE FOR ANY REASON! Should be driving like that, drunk and that fast. I hope that scumbag NEVER sees freedom again, and I hope the girls in the 'joint with her are REAL... nice... Which brings me to the conclusion... just DON'T, people


Steven Troy is a musician and journalist from San Diego, California. He came to Las Vegas in 1994, and began his career in journalism in 2006. For 11 years, he wrote a column called The Asylum, which was published monthly in Vegas Rocks! magazine. He was also the Production Manager of the first 3 Vegas Rocks Magazine Awards shows, the first 2 in the Elvis theater at the Hilton hotel, the last at The Joint inside the Hard Rock. He was a co-host on the internet television show Sally Rocks Vegas, and was part of the production team for the internet television station Radiozone1, co-producer of several shows, the most notorious of which was Assault on Area 51. He began playing guitar at age 11, and joined his first band at age 12. He was part of the Southern California Glam scene in the late '80's, and was Lead Guitarist for the power metal band Seventh Calling in 2011.

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The Holidays... are they over yet?

Well... here we are... right in the middle of The Holidays... the WORST time of year, sez I. I know, everybody complains about the heat in summer... not me. I bitch about the cold of winter. Gimme a buck-oh-five over 50 ANY time. Growing up on a beach probably helped. But I just HATE The Holidays... no, that's not right. I LOATHE The Holidays... no, not that... I guess there's no word or term that quite describes it for me... except... maybe... FUCK The Holidays! Yeah... that felt better! There's just so many things about it, like, for instance, the smells. In the building I work in, we can scent the air, and this time of year... pumpkin spice. Refer to the above adjectives. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE holiday food, but to have to deal with that smell 8 hours a day... it reminds of... The Holidays. The 2 things that really piss me of is, first, music. If I NEVER hear another one of those songs again, EVER, it will be too soon. And they cram it down your throat, you can't go ANYWHERE without hearing it, even the grocery store, which we all HAVE to go to... all this happy-happy joy-joy bullshit. This time of year is NOT that. Sure, most PRETEND it is, but the stress level is off the charts, what with gift giving ( what do I get for whomever) the financial issues that go along with that, and, let's face it, there's members in EVERYONE'S extended family... or even CLOSE family... that you don't have much to do with during the REST of the year, and for good reason. But! It's The Holidays! Let's all get together, have a great meal... that took HOURS to prepare... and pretend it's all good. Except... there's usually some party favors involved... and then it all starts going down hill. The wound that MAY have started to scab over the last 11 months, 20-something days... we'll not mention the OTHER stuff... is torn open, and the fur flies. Family can do more harm to family than anyone else. That's why I don't really have one... except a handful of furry critters, that bring more joy into my life than I could have imagined! No, the thing that REALLY pisses me off about The Holidays is the hypocrisy. Let's all give from our hearts, reach out to the needy, help our fellow humans ( PC right there!) and do what we can to love and help each other! Umm... what about the REST of the year? People are hungry and need LOTS of things ALL! THE! TIME! Why does everybody only reach out during THIS time of year? I know it's hard... it's hard for most to just get thru this month, financially, what with all this ridiculously over-hyped pressure to GIVE... but can't we all just give a little... when we can... all the time...? I practice random acts of kindness whenever the opportunity presents itself... do you? Did I rain on your Holiday parade?

Happy Holidays!!!


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