Sin City Presents Magazine December 2018 Volume 5 Issue 11 - Page 38

local spotlight

sally steele


By: Steven Troy

Sally Steele and the Vegas Rocks! years, pt. 2

(Sinner Stevie sez; MAJOR kudos to Sin City Presents for having the balls to print all this. NO ONE, not even Sally, would have done so, so-called competing publication and all.)

So, what really happened? First, I wanna set the record straight. If you own something, it’s YOURS, period. Vegas Rocks was NEVER a democracy, it had nothing to do with popular opinion, or what ANYBODY else thought it should be. It was Sally’s vision, period. I’ve heard so many people talk smack, it should be this, she should do that… start your own mag, if that’s what YOU want. And all the haters can straight kiss my ass, especially those that went out of their way to be as negative as they possibly could, blowing up social media and everywhere else, calling Sally and the mag every nasty name in the book. She started it by herself, ran it, for the most part, by herself, and if you didn’t like it, that’s a YOU problem. That mag, and some of the crazy things Sally did, went a LONG way towards putting this town on the music map. And as for the crazy shit? Yeah, I was there for most of it. Take, for instance, the Welcome to Vegas sign day. After a few years, Sally wanted to do something every year on the anniversary of the first mag, so, that year, she rented out the sign for a couple hours ( you can do that) invited the Mayor (Goodman1) down, who proclaimed that to be, forever after, Vegas Rocks! day, set up a stage, invited everyone, and filmed it all, news at 11 on all the channels. I was there… at first... but, the end of August, mid-afternoon, and staying out ‘till 4am does not exactly go well together. And I conveniently forgot the meds I was taking said stay out of direct sunlight. I left that party in an ambulance. And the awards shows? I did the first 3, and they were by far the busiest days of my life. The first one, I was the only one that had experience with big shows and stages, and NONE of us knew what we were up against, Sally just threw it all at us a week before show time… and we pulled it off.

When she started talking about NEXT year, I thought, you GOTTA be kidding me! You wanna do that AGAIN!?

"Rachel plays guitar with ATTITUDE, which most people don't today. She hits the strings really hard & means it! She isn't afraid. Super great to work with too" - Johnny Roxx






Yep. I did 2 more, and said, enough, this is WAY too much work. There ended up being a total of 6, 2 at the Elvis Theater at the Hilton, 2 at the Joint, and even 1 at the Pearl, the nicest venue in town, sez I. ALL were well attended, the biggest shows in town on those nights, MAJOR buzz. I met and worked with so many major Rock, Film and Porn stars that I won’t bother even mentioning any. NO ONE!!! Has done anything even CLOSE to that, no one has even attempted to do any shows at venues like that. Sorry, the local shows, at small local spots, while very cool, just aren’t in the same league. Those shows put the music scene in this town in the minds of LOTS of very major people, all of which helps everybody. Was Sally self centered about the whole thing? In a sense, sure, it WAS about promoting HER business… but it helped the scene as a whole, too, in major, positive ways. So think what you want, dear reader, but I was there, and I know the truth, and Sally started with the best intentions… we all know that never lasts very long in this town, you gotta just stop, and take care of #1 at some point. Oh, and do you know where Sally was on 1 October? She happened to be doing the Uber thing, right at Mandalay Bay went the shooting started. She ended up making several trips to the hospital with gunshot victims in her SUV, blood, guts everywhere. She was terrified, and, like the rest of us, had no idea what was going on, she just knew she had to help, and did what she could, not knowing if there were still people shooting. A traumatic, life changing experience, like it was for me, but Sally was RIGHT in the middle of it all, helping to save people’s lives. Still hatin’?